Where to Buy Panties: A Guide for Britney, Celebrities, and Fashionistas

A fresh pair of panties are usually the first thing women put on when they get dressed in the mornings, but not anymore. Ever since Britney went pantyless other celebrities, fashionistas and the girl next door have decided to ditch their panties. 

Just this week I read an article by another Content Producer here on this site, Linda McCloud, that looked at the problem the pantyless population is causing and reasons behind the trend, including Britney. I reached the end of Linda’s article and I could not help but feel pity for the poor, little rich girls that she speaks of. 

What if they do not know where to find panties? Or, what if they have forgotten what lingerie is? I for one am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

If you are totally lost and do not know where to begin when it comes to purchasing your own panties, read on. This guide will introduce you to several online retailers that will sell you a pair of panties to call your own. If the word lingerie is Greek to you, read this article first. It is the best article I have found to help you distinguish between the different types of lingerie out there. 

Now for the good stuff. 

Hip Undies 

This website really makes buying underwear idiot proof. If this is your first time buying panties head over to Hip Undies and check out the selection. To start pick up a bag of Mary Green Day of the Week Boy Shorts. That’s right, one pair of cute panties for every day of the week. They are even labeled with the name of each day so you don’t have to worry about picking a pair out yourself. 

Also available at Hip Undies are Hanky Panky’s super comfortable stretch lace thongs. If you like not wearing anything Hanky Panky is probably the closest you can get to replicating the feeling. Best part, they come in a cute tin so you can just toss them in your suitcase and go. 

Ginch Gonch 

Remember those She-Ra undies you ran around the house in when you were seven and all was right with the world. Well, Ginch Gonch has an entire line of fun and playful underwear that will have you running around the house again. The western themes update frequently, current selections include the Bull Rider, Nice Guns and classics like Piggie Bottoms. You can choose from briefs, thongs and go-go briefs. 

Foxers Boxers 

If you are used to grabbing something out of your boyfriend’s underwear drawer when you are forced to cover up then you will love Foxers Boxers. The line of women’s boy shorts, B-strings, and Lace Veda Boxers are designed using the waistbands you would normally find on men’s boxers and feminine style and because of that you can even wear them inside your Kaftans dresses which looks good. In short, it’s comfort meets sexy. 

La Petite Coquette 

So you are not a celebrity, but you want to know what your favorite celeb is wearing under her dress so you can get a pair of your own. At Le Petite Coquette you just need to click on the icon of the celebrity of your choice and their favorite selection will pop up. Add it your cart and you are ready to go. Oh, don’t waste your time looking for an icon of Britney, she is not there. 

Remember it’s what’s underneath that counts. 


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