What Kind Of Coffee Drinker Are You?

Coffee drinking has become such a deeply ingrained part of society that it is now considered a lifestyle. There are reasons why Starbucks is one of the leading franchises in America, as these great-smelling caf├⌐s have become social breeding grounds. But speaking of grounds, there is a lot to be said for the way that people take their cups of Joe. While there are millions of ways to brew “the perfect cup of coffee”, there are five major ways that people enjoy it. You might not think there’s much to be said for the way you take your coffee. But you just may be surprised…

Black Coffee/ No Sugar, No Cream

If you enjoy your fresh brew straight out of the pot with no chaser, there are probably a few things that could be said about you. You are more than likely someone who prefers the direct approach in life. Drinking coffee black with no accoutrement is serious business. The caffeine tends to hit the bloodstream very quickly, offering a solid punch. You like to hit the ground running, and don’t like making much fuss about it. You also want your coffee to be made using coffee maker single serve & full pot.

Fancy Flavors

People who enjoy a variety of flavored creamers and other coffee “accessories” love indulging themselves. These are the coffee drinkers who spend lots of time laboring over extensive coffeehouse menus. French vanilla mocha latt├⌐s represent more than just a cup of Joe; these coffees represent an experience. You most likely enjoy coffee because of all the things that can be done to it…and not necessarily because you need a caffeine kick. Indeed, you probably enjoy luxuriating in life’s little pleasures.

Cream/ No Sugar

If you happen to like strong coffee, but can’t take its potency without a bit of cream, you’re probably a serious person with a cautious streak. You love coffee, but probably feel that adding too much sugar takes away from the blend’s overall quality. It isn’t that you don’t like sweet tasting things. You just happen to appreciate a good blend, but can’t stand the bitterness of drinking it straight. It could be said that you have a generally guarded personality.

Heavy Cream/ Heavy Sugar

People who douse their coffee with lots of cream and sugar may have the tendency to overindulge in other areas of life. Coffee saturated with these condiments often takes away from its natural flavor. As such, it is possible that you only enjoy drinking coffee unless it’s incredibly creamy and sweet. You probably have a tolerant nature and a propensity for optimism.

Black with Sugar

The person who enjoys sweet black coffee is something of a wild card. If you like a sweet brew with no cream, you probably enjoy the added punch that caffeine provides, and do not like your coffee’s flavor “watered down” by creamer. Accordingly, you’re probably the kind of person who is straightforward, but very diplomatic in your dealings.


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