What are Rotary Tools? 7 Rotary Tool Uses and Safety Tip

What are Rotary Tools? 

In much simpler terms, these are handheld machines that have fast-rotating motors and have a spindle that can be attached with any tool bit.

Rotary tools do come in different models and power levels, which is a factor you should consider when doing different types of work. These little machines can spin around for 20,000 – 30,000 per minute without any trouble.  A rotary tool usually looks like a pen, but quite larger.  

What is the use of Rotary Tools?

There are different types of attachments that you can put on a rotary tool. With each attachment, comes its different use.  Listed below are some of the best usage of a rotary tool. These will also help you choose the 6 Best Rotary Tools for the Money in 2020 once you already know these things.


Yes, as little as the rotary tool, it can be attached with bonded abrasive stones to create sharp edges on metal and even eliminate them. Some even used it to remove rust from metals. 


Cutting is also another great use of a rotary tool. Some metal sculptors even use rotary tools to reach in corners and clean little bits in the sculptures. Just simply attach cutting wheels to remove metals or trim the corners of a plastic.


Having a small handheld body, a rotary tool is perfect in engraving and carving little projects. What’s great about the carving attachments of a rotary tool is, they are different for wood and metal, which means, having a wood carving makes it easy to carve wooden frames, wood designs, and any decorative wood by taking care of the woods quality.

Glass Working

Today, even glasses are etched, carved, or even engraved. When cutting or working on glass, avoid using regular bits as they have a huge possibility in breaking the glass. People who do glass works have their own diamond bit since diamond cutting bits are usually made out of steel with diamond grits infused on it.

Drilling Holes

When it comes to drilling, rotary tools can do it for you. Rotary tools can do drillings in soft materials such as wood or even plastic. But since its power is not comparable to a driller, might consider using the drilling machine when it comes to hard materials and metals. 


When having rough corner edges that are hard to reach, by having a small body, a rotary tool can be a perfect tool in sanding. You’d be surprised how impressive a small sanding equipment can be.

Polishing and Cleaning

By the creation of intuitive minds, people also attached soft brushes to create rotary tools as polishing and cleaning tools. Just apply some wax or any polishing substance to it, turn the rotation speed to medium, then poof, any surface can be shinier or brighter.

Safety Precautions

To get a rotary tool for the money, always keep an eye on its quality and how distinct the producer of its safety is.

As always, same as any tool, a rotary tool is dangerous if it’s not handled properly. Although not as much of a danger compared to an angle grinder, these small tools can also spit-off tiny particles that might go in your eye. Particles that might be hot, sharp, or both. That is why, when doing some projects on your own, always take some safety measures.


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