Want To Dominate Fortnite Search & Destroy? 5 Tips You Should Follow!

Epic Games has launched a brand-new LTM – search and destroy where you need to put your best possible efforts in order to perform better. If you are a beginner then you should learn the strategies to play the game with perfection. First of all, know the pure basics of the game and the head over to the real gameplay to take part in different challenges. Here we’ve come up with 5 tips to dominate fortnite serch and destroy –

  1. learn about two maps

In this mode, two maps are available that you need to learn to get started. These modes are not similar to each other and both maps have different routes and choke points that you need to master.

  1. play with your friends

To impress your friends, you can buy rare fortnite accounts to get started. By playing with your friends, you can complete several challenges in an efficient manner. You can also communicate with your friends to get tips and tricks.

  1. spend your gold wisely

Gold is the main currency that players can get in the form of rewards from every elimination and bomb plant. After this, you can make use of gold for buying different items. Always spend your gold wisely to make the most out of it.


  1. never forget to build

Yes, it is possible to construct with the help of the supplies that you have. Try to make use of this tip because most of the players always forget about it.

  1. play as a team

You shouldn’t play alone because it is important to work as a team to get the desired success. Take help from the mini map and track the members of your team and try to stay close to them.


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