The NEW Way to Schedule Instagram Posts with ScheduGram

The last post I wrote on how to schedule Instagram posts has been the top performing post on my blog – making it to page 1 of Google search results. Only problem is, the tool that I mentioned no longer works for Instagram So for those who want an even better alternative, here’s ScheduGram!


Scheduling and editing images on Instagram, allows access to multiple accounts from multiple users and bulk uploading


Online app, works with most browsers; no mobile app

(Prices in AUD) 7 day free trial for all packages

 Starter – 1 account, max 10,000 followers, no analytics – $13 per month

 InstaGrow – 5 accounts, max 100,000 followers, basic analytics (coming soon)- $40 per month

 InstaPro – 10 accounts, max 500,000 followers, basic analytics (coming soon) – $60 per month

 InstaBoss – 20 accounts, max 1,000,000 followers, adv. analytics (coming soon) – $100 per month

One of the biggest concerns of those looking for an Instagram scheduling application is that it won’t be shut down by Instagram for breaching it’s terms of service. Instagram deliberately doesn’t publish an API for third party applications and often shuts down any app that tries to reserve engineer the process to offer scheduling services (which we suspect is what happened to Postso – sorry guys )

If you share this concern, you’ll be happy to know that ScheduGram bypasses the Instagram API altogether, so hopefully this means they’ll stick around for a while. To quote directly from their site:

Our service doesn’t use the Instagram API at all when posting your image(s) or videos — instead we use the same process all Instagram users do when uploading images — opening the app, logging in, choosing an image from your album, adding a caption and clicking “Upload”. This is why we are able to offer our service without risking illegal activities such as reverse engineering, and also why we aren’t “cheap” — because we have to buy hardware devices and maintain a service 24x7x365.

A comparison between ScheduGram and Postso will quickly show the former’s superiority. I can definitely see how to bulk upload feature could come in handy for brands. They can compile all the week’s images into one folder and have them trickle out through Instagram.

Like Postso, this app requires you to input your Instagram username and password – which can be very risky. They provide a detailed explanation of how the service works here and are pretty transparent overall. As always, the decision to use them and take on such risks lies with you.

As I mentioned above, Schedugram is an Australian startup so the prices are in Australian dollars. The US dollar is only worth slightly more than the Australian dollar ($1USD = $1.06AUD) so estimate at about the same price in USD and you won’t be too far off.

I haven’t actually taken the app for a test run yet so I can’t say what it looks like behind the homepage. If you do decide to try it out, be sure to leave your reviews in the comments below!

ScheduGram is very simple and straightforward – it has one mission, which it seems to be executing fairly well. I have no doubts they will be building out and improving as they go along. Hopefully, since they aren’t technically breaching any Instagram rules, they will stick around for a while – at least until Instagram releases their API. With the aid of this site, it is now possible for people to grow their following on social media. For businesses, it is also helpful because it allows them to build credibility and reliability through the decent number of followers on their accounts.


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