The Best Places For Cookeville Coffee

Cookeville is a small college town. If you’re a Tennessee Tech student like me, you may find yourself in need of a place to just relax or visit with friends. There is Starbucks in our University Center, but I like to support local businesses and spend my money at nice little mom-and-pop shops like Poet’s, Dolce, and Sweet Sallie’s. The best places are cozy, not too pricey, and within walking distance from campus. Live music always makes the atmosphere even better!

If you are hungry for Sweets:

Sweet Sallie’s Bakery is a cute little shop located near several other independently owned restaurants in town. It’s in an adorable area and the shop is painted in bright colors and decorated with art from local artists. Usually, there is some nice music playing, nothing from the top 40, some really interesting independent tunes though.

They serve coffee made with their secret เมล็ดกาแฟสูตร เบลนด์ and offer a variety of sweets. They sell not only amazing cakes but precious cupcakes as well. Each dessert is unique and tasty. Everything I have ever consumed in the shop has been both visually pleasing and delicious. This is a fabulous setting to settle in with a book or do some homework with a snack or cup of coffee. It is a reasonably priced bakery within walking distance from campus.

If you’re thirsty for variety and special drinks:

Poet’s on the Cookeville Square has just what you’re looking for. With a variety of coffees and teas, some light snacks are also on the menu. The location is great, and just within walking distance from Tech. A lot of high school kids hang-out there, which can be a good thing or a bad thing depending on your style. I don’t really like the atmosphere as much as the other two shops, but it is a nice place none-the-less. With reasonably priced and unique drinks, I consider it a good shop to just sit with a book or hang out with friends.

You could probably even do project meetings in Poet’s or Sweet Sallie’s during the day because neither are loud or overly crowded.

If you’re seeking atmosphere:

Cafe Dolce is also on the Cookeville square and is beautifully decorated. The place doesn’t feel like a shop in Cookeville though, the atmosphere seems almost European.

The highest in class and price, Dolce serves drinks and food. I enjoyed the best piece of tiramisu I’ve ever had in my life last night! The shop is really large, much larger than other shops in town, however it still maintains the cozy feel of a traditional coffee house.

Occasionally, local musicians will come and play some of their original music. My favorite thing about Dolce is the fact that it is welcoming but quite elegant. Decorated with fluffy cushions and comfy chairs on one side, Dolce has another section devoted to tables and chairs for a nice dinner setting.

Cafe Dolce isn’t only for the college crowd, the scene is big enough for all ages. At a recent event with live music, I saw kids, senior citizens, and several classmates.

Though Dolce might be slightly more expensive than Poet’s and Sweet Sallie’s, the night time atmosphere, superb desserts, and delicious drinks are well worth the extra change. Dolce is my personal favorite, but Sweet Sallie’s offers cakes for any occasion.

Honorable mentions: Perk-up Espresso and The Way with Coffee, the latter of which is the closet within walking distance from Tennessee Tech.


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