Tattoos: Statements for Fashion Icons

It can be seen today, that the youth brigade have completely adapted to western culture by following and making their fashion statements an essential part of their lives, thereby converting the lifestyle of the west into their own.

While it is essential that you have to move on with times and start learning to adjust with changes, be it positive or negative, you should do so without abandoning your family roots that are the core basis of your identity and define your personality.

The problem with today’s generation is that they are extremely lazy in nature and tend to rely on others to do their jobs for them without taking the pain of learning to do so themselves.

Therefore, they have taken to western culture like fish to water and perceive it to be the epitome of modernity, forgetting their own invaluable culture and viewing tradition as orthodox and a thing of the past and not quite useful in current times.

One such important technique that they have borrowed is the art of tattooing their body. There were times where you could get a free tattoo with a chewing gum but now almost every person who is from the ‘youth brigade’ can be seen sporting tattoos of their favorite celebrities, artists, messages and quotes on every part of their body.

Glitter tattoo have become fashion statements for everyone and if you add ink to it, you have are at the peak of fashion. But most of them do not know how to get a glitter ink tattoo.

Fortunately for them, online shopping portals abound with the choicest of fashion things and here are certain tips to look after: 

  • The body part area where the tattoo is to be applied must be cleaned
  • The 3 layered skin should be devoid of dirt, done through white paper
  • Apply black color paint on the top layer
  • Remove it through sponge
  • Apply glitter on stencil
  • Take the stencil out and the tattoo will glitter