Spring Cleaning During The Winter

Another great home improvement project to undertake during the winter months is some spring cleaning. Though it is usually referred to as “spring” cleaning, winter is actually the ideal time for this.

What is “spring” cleaning? Actually it can be as little or as much as you want it to be. You could tidy up a few rooms in the house by going through your drawers and getting rid of old clothes, or you could clear out the basement of items that you no longer need, or you could thoroughly clean the inside of your entire home, or you could do everything listed above.

There is not set guidelines that describe what “spring” cleaning is. It is simply a phrase that defines what many people do each spring to get their house in tip top shape for the summer. However, you don’t have to wait until spring. Spring is a time to spend outdoors doing yard work, planting a garden, cleaning the exterior of your home. Winter is the perfect time for “spring cleaning”.

To be succession in your spring cleaning project, you must be able to use the right materials. But if you have limited resources and you don’t want to spend some money to buy new materials and equipment, there are some rentals that you can avail. Dumpster rental is one the materials that you may want to consider.

Some simple “spring” cleaning tasks involve simply going through your closets and dresser and getting rid of cl

Next you can move on to organizing an often overlooked basement. Go through items in your basement and discard trash. Anything worth donating should be donated. Then move on to cleaning your basement. Vacuum the floor, dust the walls, dust items in the basement, sweep up messes, and organizing any items that you are keeping.

Finally, turn your attention back to upstairs. Now is a great time to clean your walls and ceilings. Use a bucket of warm water with a few drops of dish soap. Put a towel in the bucket and wring it out thoroughly. Use the damp towel to wipe down the ceiling followed by the walls. This is especially important in the kitchen and bathrooms and dirt and grease build up can significantly change the walls colors. Clean walls will give you the appearance of fresh paint and eliminate some lingering odors.

Now move on to cleaning your cabinets with the same method described above.

Finish your “spring” cleaning by going through your cupboard and fridge and throwing away any expired foods and medications. Once completed, clean the inside of your fridge with a damp towel and some antibacterial spray. Remove all food items prior to spraying inside the fridge.

You have completed your “spring” cleaning and it’s only mid winter. Now you will be able to enjoy the outdoors during the spring while others spend time cleaning the insides of their homes and missing the beautiful weather outdoors.


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