Sony’s Newest Gadget: PlayStation Move Will Certainly Get You Moving

Sony will once again take video-gamers into a new realm of gaming enjoyment with the release of its newest gadget, the Play Station Move. Beginning in the fall of 2010 you will be able to play games as you’ve never played them before. This goes way beyond even the dual shock controller that rumbles and twitches in your hand. It also outdoes the Wii system for more precise interactive gaming. Of course, I’m sure there are some die-hard fans of the Wii console making comments that Sony is just once again copying what they’ve already accomplished, but once you try out the Move, you will note that it offers a more precise gaming experience with the added benefit of its wireless appeal. Now that you are ready with your PlayStation, you can download or buy engaging games for your PlayStation from along with all the latest updates about all the popular games that are there around the globe.

Imagine standing in front of your television screen and with the new Move controller grabbing an arrow, placing it in your bow and pulling it back before opening your fingers and letting it rip across the screen at the target. The accuracy of matching your movements puts you right in the middle of your game. You may prefer to stand in a ring and really make all the movements while in the boxing match of your life. Think of the great workout you’ll get while also taking your frustrations out on your opponent, who may be just another guy on the screen or could be with someone standing right next to you. Yes, that’s right, you can also compete alongside someone else. How about battling them to a game of ping-pong. You will both need a controller, but you’ll be playing each other in a split-screen so you know when and where the little tiny ball is coming. It’s really incredible.

Sony will be offering the new Move in packages with the gaming system and also as a starter kit for those who already have a PS3 for around $100. With the new motion controller, navigation controller and PS3 Eye (video camera) you will have much more fun playing many existing and new games offered by Sony. The Eye camera allows the controller to basically become an extension of your body.

Additionally, welcome to the newest world of pet ownership. Maybe you’re already familiar with the EyePet, but if not, you need to check this out. This is absolutely the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. With the Move controller, you can do an enormous number of things with your EyePet. The interaction you can have with your pet and the Move controller is incredible. You can customize your EyePet with different colored fur and features. Now you can do all sorts of activities with your new furry little friend. If he needs a bath, the controller will allow more hands-on experience. You can feed it and groom it or have fun by bouncing him on a small trampoline that appears to be in your hand. The possibilities are endless.

Truth be told here, I fought my husband on his purchase of the PS3 system, although I do enjoy a good game of golf on it every so often. However, after seeing the Move in action, there is nothing I want more this year than these controllers and accessories. I am so looking forward to the end of the day when I can turn on my PS3, grab my controller and beat the bejesus out of my opponent in a boxing match. I’m also looking forward to workout out with boxing moves, without the high cost of a gym membership. This is truly a gaming experience for every age and I guarantee this will be flying off the shelves once it hits your local store, so be ready to grab your pack.


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