Smoking-Kick The Habit And Stop

Cigarette smoking is one of the unhealthiest habits to have. It is also one of the toughest habits to break. I have seen many family members become smokers over the years. I have witnessed a high percentage of them attempt to quit smoking, with minimal success. Living a long life and maintaining good health is important to us, but the cravings for cigarettes become intense and often overpower our values. I have been smoke-free for three years now. With self-restraint and discipline, you too can kick the habit!

Being Addicted

I was a cigarette smoker for eight years. I went through about a pack a day. Nothing satisfied my craving more than taking a puff after eating a full meal! Riding in a car, lunch breaks at work, and sitting on the toilet was more desirable when I had my little friend with me! As a young adult, I never thought about the harm that I was causing to my body and mind. I did not know about the thousands of chemicals that were put into cigarettes. I believed that smoking gave me some kind of stress relief and made “things” easier on me. I couldn’t have been more ignorant of the facts. All that the habit did for me was band-aid my nervousness, blindfold all of my senses, and made it more difficult for my immune system to work properly. Although quitting was not simple for me, the cravings wore down over time.

How to Quit

The beginning of me quitting originated from a thought. It was the purest thought that had ever crossed my mind. The words in my head said, “When you inhale and exhale this smoke, you are not only hurting yourself. Your body and mind are connected with the land and the people of the land. If you want to help the world and not bring our planet more harm, then stopping smoking is the first step towards that.” Strangely, those words triggered something in me that allowed me to free myself from my addiction. Additionally, using dab rigs under 50 was another helpful tactic that I tried. I didn’t take any medications or use a nicotine patch. It took complete discipline and continuous reflection for me to overcome the habit, but I quit cold turkey! If you want to kick the habit then set a start date. Do not worry if you slip up and take a drag. We humans always make mistakes! Try your best to avoid the situations that trigger your cravings and always remind yourself of why you are taking these steps to stop smoking. Lastly, surround yourself with a strong support system and be your own best friend!


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