Shelled Hemp Seeds – What are the uses and benefits for the body?

The hemp seed is well known to people, since it has thousands of years of history of use behind it. For the most part, hemp seeds were used either as fishing bait, in bird seed mixes or even as food. This article will focus on the benefits of eating hemp seeds and the reason why they are highly recommended. These hemp seeds are extremely nutritionous and they are considered to be a complete food, offering you a lot of the benefits required by your body.

The hemp seeds are taken from Cannabis plants (though they contain a minimum quantity of psychoactive substances when they’re taken from plants which are designed for industrial production, so they don’t have the same psychological and physical effects) and they are full of amino acids which are essential for the health of humans. The hemp seeds are a very good source for healthy and unsaturated fats, as well as proteins. The level of proteins in the best cbd vape pen is high in comparison to the other medication. The checking of the seeds is done to know about the nutrients available in it. The designing of the products is done to know the exact information about the seeds. 

One of the great thing about hemp seeds is that they can be eaten either as they are, grounded in a meal, turned into a soy type milk (hemp milk), made as tea, baked or sprouted. You can even use the fresh leaves as part of salads. Some of the products which contain hemp seeds are frozen waffles, cereals, nut butters and hemp tofu. There are a number of companies out there which make products that contain seed oil, dehulled hemp seed, whole hemp grain, hemp cake, hemp flour as well as hemp protein powder. The hemp is part of a number of cereals which are organic, hemp ice cream without dairy and a type of milk which is non-dairy in nature.

Nearly 40% of the weight of the hemp seed is made out of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids and one third of it is made from proteins. Soy is the only one to have a higher protein content, with 35%. Still, the proteins which come in hemp seeds are easy to digest and absorbed much faster by the body. Hemp seeds can also be a great source of dietary fiber, iron, calcium, electrolytes and other helpful trace elements. They are known to be quite safe to eat, since they don’t have any gluten in them and even people with food intolerances (to sugar, gluten, lactose) can eat them. Nobody has allergies to hemp seeds as far as it’s known right now.

Despite its many advantages, the hemp seed remained ignored by humans as a source of nutrition and even today, with all the facts known, over 95% of all the hemp seed which is sold on the European continent is used as feed for animals. Even though it’s not a popular source of food, hemp seeds can be prepared and used in many ways. A lot of people eat them raw, but you can also soak them, make them into powders, make hemp milk, used together with baked goods or made into tea. Plenty of companies which make fitness and health foods offer products like bread, cereals, butter or hemp tofu, with the help of hemp seeds. If you’re a vegan, you can use hemp seeds to create nice ice creams which don’t have animal products in them.

While the oil which is extracted from hemp seeds is usually used in plastics, paints, fuels and lubricants, the hemp seed has a lot of benefits when it’s consumed as food and it can be a great source of nutrition. Used as a supplement, hemp seeds can be great when integrated into a diet. Just one tablespoon with hemp seed oil each day will give you all the fats which are needed by the body in order to remain healthy.


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