Sewing Machine Buffs Tips: Basics In Designing And Sewing Clothes

Designing and sewing your own clothes isn’t that easy. Best results require a lot of technicalities, precision and creativity along the way. That’s why you should learn the basics of making your own clothes before merely dismissing it as a task for expert tailors. And Sewing Machine Buffs offers all your sewing needs to begin.

Consider these Points to Start Learning Clothes Designing and Sewing

How hard is it to start designing and sewing your own clothes? It’s not that easy, but it’s not that difficult either. Know these basics as a guide:

Elements of Clothes Designing

Begin by knowing the elements of designing clothes. This includes the kind of cloth and materials you use, and its designs such as colors. Then, consider essential measurements such as shape of neck or collar, length and shape of sleeves, length and shape of shirt, as well as length and shape of pants or skirts. Mix up these elements creatively for wonderful results.

Theme or Inspiration of Designs

Find an inspiration which would serve as the basis for the style or theme of your craft. For example, see different clothe designs from different cultures. Checking latest designs in magazines is a good idea as well.

Careful Planning and Sketching

Draft the design of your garment by sketching it in a paper. Consider using special sketch pad for tailors so you’d have a proper and precise guide.

Make a Pattern Block

With design and measurements in mind, begin making a pattern block for the clothes you’d sew. Be sure it would fit you well so the resulting clothing wouldn’t be too loose or too tight.

After considering these basic factors, start looking for quality materials to use. Check out Sewing Machine Buffs for tools you can use. That’s when you should try making your own clothes.


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