Proper Grooming of Your Long Haired Dog

Proper Grooming Of a Long Haired Dog

This is a subject of importance. To many times I have Groomed Dogs where the owners try to do this them selves and make a long haired dog worse. I will explain the right way to do this yourself.


This is a must, before you give your dog a bath, you must brush it and you must brush it well. Get a Strong metal bristle brush, a dog rake and a long toothed comb. Start off with the Bristle Brush, brush you dog all over back and fourth up and down. If you hear a kinda scratching noise that’s good, it means your getting the tangles out. If your dog has a small mat grab the mat place it in the center of your hand and just brush that mat. Provided its not to the skin you can get it, just don’t go crazy and irritate your dogs skin.

After the brushing comb threw with a rake, this will smooth the dogs hair and get any stubborn tangles. After use a long toothed metal comb to make sure you have all tangles out. This can take a while but if you don’t insure they all are out, when they get wet they will get tighter and tighter and will get down to the skin and at that point you have no choice then to shave your dog. There is a product made for dogs called De-Tangler, you can find this at Pet-smart or on line, This will help with small tangles as well as condition your dogs hair. After all tangles are gone, it is now time to bath.


This is pretty much the same as a short haired dog. The only difference is you will not only have to scrub your dog but also comb your hands threw it, to prevent creating tangles, yes you can create them while bathing and its relatively easy. Get your dog soaked and apply the shampoo, scrub the dog as well as comb your hands threw it. You may also use your comb, this will take out any dead hair as well as make it easier to dry your dog, also making your dogs coat just a bit shinier. After rinsing your dog, use a good deep coat conditioner, This will prevent any tangles and make your dogs coat very shinny, trust me its worth the extra 5 bucks.


This is a very important step as well, I will tell you how to do it and also let you know how to dry your dog faster. Regardless of if you have a blow dryer or a high velocity dryer, you will want to place it on cold and low. This will take longer to dry but make your coat shine. Dry the dog in layers all over from head to tail. After you feel that your dog is dry, take your brush and comb threw your dogs hair, as well as brush it, this will pull out moister that you never would have known that your dog had. In most cases you will be able to feel the moister. Dry your dog one more time all over tell your dog feels dry. To cut down on time, if your dog is behaved and you have something else to do, you can wrap a towel around your dog and come back in 20 Minutes this will cut down on blow dryer time.


Just like step one, its time to brush your dog once again. Start with the brush, brush your dog all over, you can use your rake after wards but that usually doesn’t make a difference if your preformed steps one threw three properly. Take your comb and comb threw your dogs hair to insure all tangles are out. After all of this is done go ahead and spray some coat conditioner on your dog, and your done. Your dog should feel better and fresh, and as we all know, your beautiful dog will then go out and get dirty and tangles once again. If and when this does happen, do not wash your dog again. You can brush your dog all over again, wipe your dog with a damp cloth, or use a soap less shampoo. To much washing of your dog will dry its skin and in some rare cases can cause your dogs hair to fall out, you should wash your dog every 6 to 8 weeks.


Be sure to brush your Dog daily. He will love it and it will give you two a chance to bond. Its a lot of work, I know but that’s the price of owning a long haired dog. One last thing, If your dogs hair is matted to the skin, just take him to the groomer and yes the groomer will have to shave him. Please don’t give them lip, in the end its your fault. The Brushing must be done regularly to avoid mats from happening.

Overall, taking good care of your dog should always be put into consideration. If taking care of exotic animals need colmars exotic pets diet and nutrition course, surely, your dog also needs the right treatment and care.