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Understanding Soccer Rules: Following This Fast-Moving Game

If you have ever watched a youth soccer game, you will find two teams of kids playing their little hearts out and a group of parents totally perplexed about the last call. Although the same can be said for any sport, soccer has many rules that are confusing at best. The reason: Soccer is a game of almost constant motion. This makes it hard for the average observer to follow the game closely enough to see the actual causes of the calls as they are happening. 

Soccer, as a game, is quite interesting and intriguing at the same time, quite different from American football but not far away from it either. As far as the rules are concerned, again, it is no rocket science but simple strategic planning and loads of practice in order to get perfection and there has to be the fire of passion to keep going, as Beckham disclosed in a recently published article on 


The most difficult rule for people to understand and see is the “off sides” calls. A player is considered off sides, if there are less than two defenders between him and the other team’s goal at the time that the ball is kicked. There are many aspects of this rule that make it so difficult to pinpoint. First off, often depends on the player’s position at the time the ball is kicked. Another thing that confuses parents and the casual observer is that the goalie counts as one of the defenders. Also, off sides is only called in outdoor soccer. There is no off sides rule for indoor soccer. Then there are house rules. You may run into an area, club, or tournament where they choose not to call off sides. To a person totally unfamiliar with soccer, the off sides rule is designed to keep teams from posting a player up at the opponent’s goal and waiting on the ball. 

The pass back rule is not one that’s as hard to grasp as the off sides rule. However, it is one that is easily forgotten. This is the rule that prevents the goalie from using his hands to pick up the soccer ball if it is passed to him from his own teammate’s feet. However, the goalie can use his hands if the ball is headed to him from his own teammate. 

An improper throw in is very common among young players. This happens when player does not throw the ball in correctly. On a throw in, the player should make sure that their feet do not leave the ground. And, that they are using both hands going over their head. 


Other rules are much simpler to point out. Obstruction is when a player intentionally blocks the progress of their opponent instead of playing the ball. A handball is not hard to understand but sometimes it can be difficult to catch. A handball is exactly what it sounds like. It is when any player other than the goalie touches the ball with their hands or forearms. 

Again, the most important thing to remember is that rules change as a result of the age of the players, the experience of your referees, and the league in question. 

Weight Watchers: Offering A Comprehensive Weight Loss And Fitness Program

With health and weight loss at the forefront of most consumer products, many individuals search endlessly for the support and direction needed to achieve fitness within a weight loss and nutrition program. For all of your nutrition, weight loss and fitness advice, turn to Weight Watchers. Offering an efficient and convenient option for individuals of all walks of life.

As we age, everyone desires a quick and easy solution to weight loss, fitness and good nutrition. As a busy, working mother of two teenage boys, I’ve turned to Weight Watchers and found both the Points program as well as the Core program offer excellent nutrition, fitness and weight loss guidance. Through the weekly support meetings and online Etools, Weight Watchers has place the control over my health in my own hands. They are like weight loss clinic Houston who always make sure that you achieve your desired figure and weight. That said, it is fair to say that they are effective in their business.

Needless to say, Weight Watchers is a commonly used weight loss resource in my home as well as many homes across the world. Because the program offers both The Points program as well as The Core program, even my children have begun to follow the path to good nutrition and fitness. With online Etools, I can quickly download fitness routines, recipes and even weekly meal plans. Additionally, by introduction of Weight Watchers in my home, I’ve enlightened my children to the world of tasty healthy eating and encouraged family fitness nights. With the convenient online program as well as the local support groups, the Weight Watchers program is convenient for both men and women who are working to improve lifestyle choices and improve overall health and can be applied to the nutrition of the entire family.

Unfortunately, statistics have shown the Weight Watchers program is predominately filled with women. As a result, many men may find the program does not offer the support so needed for their gender. For this reason, before joining the program, it is recommended that you visit a local Weight Watchers support group to determine if the program is a right fit for you. As a premier nutritional program, the cost of membership may not be appropriate for the budget conscious individual. However, upon realizing the ease with which the program is designed and the immediate health and weight loss results, even the budget conscious consumer wil quickly realize the program is a right fit and well worth the weekly dues.

In summary, Weight Watchers offers many advantages to the health conscious consumer in terms of nutrition, weight loss, fitness and convenience in both support groups as well as online Etools programs. With Weight Watchers program you will find there is a variety of nutritional products and resource materials from cookbooks to fitness recommendations which are perfect for anyone at any age or gender. With cost of the program as the only disadvantage to the consumer, the Weight Watchers program offers many advantages in terms of improved weight control, improved nutrition, support and fitness.

Will Facebook Be Replaced?

For several months now, even prior to the official introduction of Google+, there has been buzz about whether or not Google+ will replace Facebook. Google+ does seem to offer similar features as Facebook, many with a marked improvement in ease of use and privacy protection. Despite all this in favor of Google+, I cannot see the 800 million Facebook users suddenly switching over to Google+.

For that matter, I do not see even a gradual shift of the majority over to Google+. Facebook is just far too dominate right now. Active users check their Facebook Newsfeed every day, often several times a day. They connect to it through mobile apps or even just text message if they have yet to acquire a smartphone. Facebook has successfully injected itself so deeply into the average user’s everyday life that getting them to switch to another social networking site would take a life-changing epiphany.

Part of the problem for Google+ is the ignorance of users. Although there have been plenty of articles posted online about the pros for moving to Google+, I believe very few Facebook users have actually seen, let alone read, one of those articles thoroughly. Google+ would need to rely on “the grapevine” in order to enlighten the average user to the reasons why Google+ should be their social site over Facebook. For this to happen, at least one user needs to have read the articles and agreed with them. This user then posts such information to Facebook, along with their favorable opinion of these reasons to switch. If the user has enough followers or friends who in turn agree, or at least just share the post, it can begin a chain of reactions to create a long enough grapevine to benefit Google+.

I belong to several different circles of social networking including Family, Teens (because of my kids), Writers, Crafters and IT professionals. To date, I have only seen the IT professionals and a handful of Writers who focus on the technology genre actually mention Google+ and/or the reasons why it is better than Facebook. What this tells me is that the big grapevine that Google+ needs to take root in Facebook has not grown anywhere near enough yet to make a difference in swaying users to their side.

The other hurdle Google+ has to overcome is the sheer number of active users Facebook has. A large majority of these active users are not the type that will jump from one networking site to another depending on the features. Many choose a site and settle in for the long haul. People have a tendency to resist change and that includes their social networking site. Take a look at what happened when Facebook recently made some huge changes. There was quite an uproar from Facebook users, many demanding that Facebook change back. Yet within a week or so, the uproar has died down and I still see the majority of my Facebook friends actively checking in just like they always did. Why? Because everyone likes to stay with the group. If a group of Facebook friends decided they wanted to switch to Google+, they might be able to sway a bunch more people to do the same. If only one or two Facebook users switches, the majority will often stick around, perhaps waiting for a large section of their circle to make the first move. Also, Facebook acquires social media platforms that can be their potential competitors. For instance, Instagram is now owned by Facebook. Before, Instagram has been growing its audience because of some tools like ProjectInsta.

Unless Facebook continues to anger their users on a regular basis with changes that the users don’t really care for, I do not see Google+ nor any other social network site taking over where Facebook stands today.

RV: A Movie For The Entire Family

Looking for a feel-good movie that your whole family may enjoy? Then look no further than the movie RV.

Released in April of 2006, RV’s ticket sales are doing good. If you are reading this article after that then you can even enjoy this movie along with other movies and TV shows as you click on watch tv shows online for free. You get to enjoy family movies like RV along with a bunch of movies of other genres as well. 

RV is about an hour and a half and is rated PG for crude humor innuendo and language. The plot isn’t all that hard to follow. An average American family decided to go on a vacation. They are like most American families, dysfunctional. The family was planning on a vacation in sunny Hawaii. But Dad has another vacation in mind, a vacation cross country in an RV for two weeks, stopping at places like the Rocky Mountains.

The Father has overworked Bob the executive and he is played by none other than funnyman Robin Williams. Knowing Robin is in it, you know you will be laughing.

At work, Bob is under a lot of pressure. A younger up and coming executive wants his job. He needs a breather. This is what the vacation is supposed to be a chance for him to bond with his family and relax.

Bob’s wife, Jamie, is a loving spouse, but she seems distant, at times. Jamie is played by Cheryl Hines.

Their kids Cassie (played by Joanna “JoJo Lebesque) and Carl (played by Josh Hutcherson) are normal teenage kids, wanting to live in their own little world. Bob knows that soon they will be all grown up and that bonding time will be gone.

When Bob first drives up in the rented, oversized, RV, Jamie and kids all are shocked. But Bob persuades them to give the trip a chance and off they go on their adventure.

Now comes the fun for the audience as we watch Bob, Jamie, and the kids endure one another and their new environment. From the scenes showing boredom to the adventures and the strange people they meet along the road, the audience will symphonize and laugh as they continue their trip in their what appeared at first as a huge RV until you put one family inside it for two weeks.

For many families, this film is a fun one to watch because they themselves will be off camping and traveling soon. They can relate to some of the turmoil and chaos.

Should RV be seen by the very young children, possibly not? There is some scenes that may not be suitable for the very young audience such as some scenes that show the children calling Bob rude names, there is also mild profanity, there are also some jokes about mild sexual innuendo and prostitution.

Many critics are putting down RV. Some say it is too predictable. But I don’t personally pay any attention to critics. I like a movie that makes me laugh. Robin Williams makes me laugh. I know a lot of people who plan on seeing RV just because of Robin Williams. Will RV make you think deep insightful thoughts? Probably not? But it will entertain you and leave you with a smile on your face from all the laughter, silly or not, more than likely yes.

Why I’ve Got My Fingers Crossed About Watchmen

Having just seen the new trailer for the forthcoming Watchmen movie (see link in the side bar), legal disputes between Fox and Warner Bros notwithstanding, I have to say I’m looking forward to this movie with a simultaneous sense of excitement and dread. Excitement, because it looks so, so very well done, and dread because I can’t help worrying it won’t deliver what it’s promising.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, this is the latest Hollywood blockbuster treatment of a comic book series. What makes people so excited about it is that it’s based on a comic series that redefined the genre back in the day. Alan Moore essentially created a whole universe from scratch for a 12-issue limited run, and populated it with characters of astonishing depth and history. The whole storyline is an alternative history of the United States, a history where because of one individual, the war in Vietnam was won, and Nixon went on to a third term. While the story is set in the mid-1980s, Moore has developed the histories of the characters prior to the opening, sometimes 50 years or more back. The ramifications of events in the world generally are also alluded to; in a world where costumed vigilantes are commonplace, superhero comics died in their infancy – In the Watchmen Universe, comics about buccaneers and pirates are the current fad.

I personally have no problem with comic book characters acquire a cinematic version on the big screen but the problem is that today’s directors are quite few and far between who can do justice to the treatment given the opportunity and are amateur movie makers who don’t know their job, atleast most of them don’t. As a result they are quite forgotten in a few days but watchmen is an exception this time and I won’t be surprised if it shows up on cyberflix apk within a short time.

The artwork by Dave Gibbons was also groundbreaking. As well as being of his usual excellent quality, he and Moore deliberately set out to try and make the comic work like a movie; the vast majority of pages contain 9 equally sized panels, more often than not ‘seen’ from the exact same angle, as if the comic were being shot by a camera rather than drawn. The book (and I always think of it as a book, having owned only the graphic novel) uses several other techniques reminiscent of movies; rapid cross-cuts between scenes and dialogue, metaphorical imagery, flashbacks… The comic is also notable for what it doesn’t contain; no ‘thought bubbles’, and none of the the POW! and ZAP! style sound effects lampooned in the old Batman TV series. This isn’t so remarkable nowadays, but at the time Watchmen was published, their absence was practically unique.

And this is perhaps where my misgivings come in, at least partly. We’re talking about a movie adaptation of a comic book which subverted common techniques in movie making, and I’m not sure how well this recursiveness will translate on the big screen. It’s already evident from the trailers that the director is fond of Matrix style ‘bullet time’ pauses in the action, which are clearly meant to mimic the static nature of a comic frame, but there are many scenes in the book which it’s hard to imagine running as a film scene. Not only that, but as I mentioned earlier, there’s a hell of a lot of story to cover, and certain elements of it benefit from a quick flip back and forth between earlier parts of the story. This again works fine for the reader, who sets the pace of how quickly he reads, but movies set their own pace, and a complex story could so easily become confusing.

There is a bright side, however. From what I’ve seen of the trailers and production stills, the crew seem to be going out of their way to be faithful to the comic, to a degree I’ve never really seen in any superhero movie. The characters for the most part look like the drawings have sprung to life, and the sets and props are incredibly faithful to the look of the story. Nothing that’s been shown so far shows any kind of deviation from the established story, and this in itself makes me hopeful. If they’re going to spend this amount of time and meticulous attention to making the movie look right, hopefully they’ll be devoting as much attention to making it feel right.

Who’ll be watching the Watchmen? I for one will be first in the queue, regardless of the reviews. Even if I’m disappointed with it as an adaptation, I suspect it’ll be spectacular to watch. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed at all.

How to Promote Your Book Online for Free

If you’ve published a book, either through a traditional publisher or by self-publishing, you will need to promote it yourself if you want to see more sales. While a traditional publisher will do some of the promotions for you, you will still want to do whatever you can to promote it on your own. When you self-publish, you will almost always have to do all of the promoting yourself.

There are plenty of tried and true methods for advertising your book, be it book signings, paid advertisements in magazines, newspaper reviews or a hundred other methods that have been used by writers over the years.

The Internet, however, provides easy as well as free methods to promote your book. Here are some of the best methods for free online book promotion and advertising. If you are also trying offline methods as well, then with the help of credible sales leads you can promote and improve the sale of your book. This is really easy and both the online and offline promotions are going to complement each other as well. 

First of all, you will need a website of your own. These days it easy to make a free website. Just do a search for “free web hosting” and research the best place to host your site. Your website should be the main focus of selling your book. Include excerpts from your book. A free chapter or two for potential buyers to read will go a long way in getting more sales. Sell the book directly from your site, or make it easy to link to Amazon or wherever your book is for sale.

A personal blog is a good idea as well, and a link to your blog can be included on your website. You can create a free blog through any number of free blogging sites like Blogger or WordPress. Make writing a themed blog, with a personal slant. Talk about the daily life of a writer, give writing advice to blooming writers, talk about your publishing experiences.

Post interesting comments in other writers’ blogs, leaving a link back to your book’s website or your own blog. Don’t spam, though. Make sure your comments are relevant.

You can also post in forums, especially writer’s forums. Find forums where you can have links in your signature. Make friends, be interesting, but don’t try to sell your book in the forum. Just be yourself. If people like you, they will likely visit your site or blog through your links.

Social networking sites are also good free places to use for promoting your book. Myspace, Yuwie, Facebook and other social networking sites are all free to use, so use them to your advantage. Be careful to read the terms of use on each site, as some sites won’t let you link to commercial sites, but you will probably at least be able to link to your writing blog.

There are tons of free ways you can promote your book online for free. The idea is to get your website advertising your book out there in front of as many people as possible. The more links you have, the more people can find your site and buy your book. Use as many different forums and social networking sites as you can, with all your links leading back to your website.

Ideal Complementary Food you must consume while on Keto

Sure, ketogenic or keto diet is undoubtedly efficient. It helps your body reach ketosis wherein it burns fat and calories easily. Problem is, it’s quite difficult to follow because of high protein demand. Hence, experts in Giantsupps suggest Keto diet practitioners must consider some complementary food.

No, these food products won’t compromise your keto diet because of unwanted carbs. Instead, it simply makes your keto experience easier in certain ways.

What Complementary Food to Consider while on Keto Diet

There are many ideal food products for people who follow the keto diet. Some of the best are:

  • Curated Meat Boxes – there are curated meat packages available for delivery today. Butcher Box, for example, delivers a box of curated meat every week. Then, it’s up to you how to prepare it in your kitchen. That’s perfect for keto diet practitioners who require many pounds of meat.
  • Keto Drinks – there are power drinks and shakes specifically made for keto diet as well. For example, some are made to fill the need for drinks and meals in one serving. This is perfect for keto diet practitioners who have busy lifestyle. Simply prepare one of these drinks, and take it on the go.

  • MCT Oil – There’s actually a good way to increase fat intake without consuming too much of meat. MCT oil is a special solution made from organic coconut, and takes abundant amount of fats from coconut oil. Just mix it with your favorite drinks or snacks to reap its keto benefits. Think of using it in your shakes, coffee, smoothies and salad dressing among other food items.

These are only few of the best food products which help keto diet become easier. Simply choose the option suitable for your needs and preferences. That would lead you to better convenience while enjoying many perks from your favorite diet plan.

Online Baby Gift Baskets-Get Some Ideas About Baby Baskets

Baby is one of the cutest things that can put a smile on the face of family members. A baby shower is like a special day for the baby because, at that time, lots of family members and some guests gather together and celebrate.

All of them bring some gifts for the upcoming baby, and the baby basket is the best thing to be gifted at that time. You can go for online baby gift baskets as you will get to know about some ideas related to baskets. There are lots of baskets you can go to like a flower basket or baby product baskets.

How is online service a better choice?

If you are confused about baby baskets, then you should use online services. It is because there are various new ideas you can get about it. If you want to provide them products, then you can go for the best baby shampoo, baby soap, baby towel, etc.

These kinds of products are the best for the care of the baby. On the other hand, you can use baby toys like teething, dishes, towels, etc. as these can help babies to become active, and also teething toys can also be used in making the teeth of the kids stronger.

What kind of baby basket is good for a baby girl?

If a baby girl is born, then you can provide the beauty products. Floral gifts will be the best, and also you can use floral prints gifts for them because a girl loves it.

Thus online services are one of the best ways I which you can get to have lots of ideas about baby gift baskets.

Tips For Keeping Your Office Safe On Fire Or Terrorist Attacks

Survival in the workplace today means a lot more than just not dating the boss’ daughter or insulting your supervisor at the Christmas party. Workplace survival in the America of the 21st Century means protection against the lunacy of Muslim terrorists on the East Coast, Christian terrorists in the heartland or the typical American danger: the nutty lone gunman. And that goes to all offfices including Office space in CBD.

Begin your office survival by positioning yourself as close to the emergency exit as possible. If you can’t get close to the emergency exit, you at least don’t want to be at the opposite end of the emergency escape route. You never know where a crazed gunman or the lunatic fringe of a religion is going to erupt into violence, but you should certainly do all you can to get an office as close to escape as possible if you work somewhere when disgruntlement among employees is as common as bonuses for executives who nearly drove the business into the ground. Those of you who work under these conditions would do well to keep in mind the potential for workplace violence when given a choice of office space.

Fire is a much more likely condition for disaster than terrorists grown either abroad or from your home turf. (Keep in mind that it was Christians who were involved in the worst terrorist attack on America soil before September 11, 2001.) The fire escapes in most buildings are usually located in the parts of the building that are most strongly engineered. This could mean the central core or at the ends of hallways. Determine the strongest part of the building and you will most likely find the offices of the highest execs nearby. Try to wrangle yourself an office near these strongly build repositories of escape.

Keep your most important documents close by your cubicle or desk. In the even of an evacuation due to bomb threat, you may find you are being shuffled out with only a chance to get your immediate belongings. Fire marshalls or bomb squad officers aren’t prepared to sit around and let you take the time to flip through your file cabinet or otherwise waste time collecting those things that mean a lot. The byword is impatience and you need to be able to quickly grab those items in your office that most need to be protected from explosions or fire.

Letter bombs usually don’t arrive in envelopes. Any idiot with a driver license can buy a gun in American, but it still takes some doing to make a bomb. The letter bomber has to make sure above all else that the dang thing doesn’t blow him up when he mails it. He also needs to make sure that it doesn’t explode on the way to the intended target. For this reason, letter bombs often draw suspicion from alert members of society. What should you look for in a potential letter bomb? Look for a package that seems to have been sealed by a team of monkeys. Excessive taping and protective care is a hallmark of the amateur bomber. If you detect an odor analogous to almonds emanating from a package, call 911 immediately. An even box that has been packaged unevenly is also something to watch out for. If you notice any wires or aluminum sticking through the package, you should become suspicious.

Helpful Tips in Itemizing Mortgage Loan for Tax Deduction

Paying any loan while worrying about tax is certainly daunting. That’s why aiming for tax deductibles while paying mortgage loans is common among people today. Thankfully, it’s possible to itemize your mortgage loan and slash significant amount off your tax. Read on for basic info, or visit to help you prepare real estate tax.

How to itemize your Mortgage Loan for Tax Deduction today

The principle of this tax deduction lies on making the interest of your mortgage loan deductible from your tax. However, you must comply with some points in order to enjoy such deduction. Remember as well that only the interest of your mortgage can be covered.

You’ll qualify for such deduction when a mortgage loan is secured by your home, and is used to buy, build or improve your primary property. A primary property is where you actually live, especially in cases of having multiple homes. Note, however, that one secondary home may qualify for such deduction too, as long as you use it for personal purposes.

Now, since 2018, only mortgage loans with the principal of $700,000 are eligible for tax deduction. Also, note that when you’re married and you have separate tax return, such limitation is reduced to half. In case you own a secondary home, remember that the principal amount limit is accumulative. So, if you want to cover the mortgage loan of your first and second home under tax deduction, their total mortgage principal must not exceed $700,000.

Lastly, if you have an active mortgage loan acquired before 2018, the principal amount allowance is $1 million. When you comply with certain requirements, you’d be eligible for an additional $100,000 deductible from your loan.

Taxation is always a complex topic to talk about. That includes real estate tax and deduction as well. Hence, think of consulting tax preparation experts for more guide.