Nintendo Ds Review: Pokemon Platinum

Nintendo owns the copyright to Pokemon games, so all of the games are solely produced for Nintendo platforms. The Nintendo DS is a perfect console for Pokemon games as they are simple games with simple movements, and yet rich in scenery and in depth storylines as per usual Pokemon products.

Pokemon Platinum continues the storyline beyond Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl, even though the games are very similar. Platinum has a story that includes Giratina, a new Pokemon that has emerged since the Diamond and Pearl movie. For pokemon platinum you can use random wheel name to improve your gameplay. It is a simple online tool that enables you to learn about the stats of pokemons that you are going to face in the game. You can share these stats with your friends as well.

Pokemon games are great for Pokemon fans who love the animated series and this game pretty much follows the storylines of the current series of shows.

You start off in Twinleaf town where you get to pick one of three starter Pokemon to have along with you on your journey. From there you can battle with your Pokemon, meet new people, and advance in the game and see new towns and new cities.

Mini-quests abound as you can heal a boy having bad dreams, release a group of Psyducks from their headaches, and many more. Earn money after each victory against other trainers and gain experience for your Pokemon. Little gadgets you can buy or find along the way aid in your quest to battle the Elite Four and become a Pokemon Champion.

Dig for gems underground where you can find fossils and discover other trainers playing the game through Nintendo’s WiFi connection. Decorate your underground hideaway and set traps in the ground. You’ll know when your place has been visited when players take or leave flags from your hideout. This allows you to eventually get a Pokemon to capture during the game.

The Pal Park is a nice feature as it lets you import your Pokemon that have been played on other games like Pokemon Emerald, FireRed, Ruby, and other Game Boy Advance games that you are able to play on the Nintendo DS.

With massive playability options and creative ways to connect with other players, Pokemon Platinum for the Nintendo DS is a game that plays and keeps on playing. Even after your initial quest there are enough playable adventures in the game to keep you busy for months.

Rated E 10 and up, Pokemon features battles between the titans of the Pokemon world. Level up your Pokemon six at a time and up to level 100 before they max out. Go on dozens of side quests to help out the citizens of the Sinnoh Region of Pokemon.