New Innovative Glove Translating Sign Language Into Text In Real Time

Language translators are the ‘thing’ now, and there are several language translation apps and devices available. For example, muama enence is a very popular language translator device. You can buy yourself one by checking muama enence review on the internet. However with the popularity of speech-to-speech, or text-to-speech and speech-to-text translation techniques, we often forget the community of the hearing impaired. To enable them to effectively communicate, translator gloves have been designed. Below are some features of this unique and innovative portable translator device.

  1. It has knuckle sensors

Translator gloves look like any sports gloves in general, but come fitted with knuckle sensors. There are 9 flexible strain sensors meant to be fitted over knuckles and sense their movements as they stretch and bend. These signals are then sent via Bluetooth to an app on a smartphone, which can then display the message in textual form.

  1. It can convert all letters of ASL into text

The translator gloves come embedded with AI software that can translate all 26 letters of the American Sign Language or ASL into textual format on a smart device. This makes it easy for the hearing impaired to better communicate their messages to others.

  1. It uses camera to interpret

The cameras on smartphones are used to detect the sign language and translate it.

  1. It is quite flexible

Translator gloves are deigned to be flexible and not brittle. Flexible gloves mean easy to wear and easy to interpret signs. Brittle gloves can be uncomfortable to wear, as well as can hinder proper communication of sign language to other language.

  1. It is cheap and portable

When it comes to affordability of portable translator devices, most of them are priced quite high. However translator gloves are quite affordable making them more popular among the target community.


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