Move It! Ten Tips to Make Moving a Success

If you’re relocating for the new job, moving into a new house or apartment, or transferring across the country for your new life, anxiety about moving can be overwhelming. But, moving doesn’t have to be stressful when you make it fun, organized, and simple. The key to efficiency when moving is to plan ahead, and these simple steps below will steer you in the right direction. Learning to make a list, packing by using luggage bags, and color coordinating/marking boxes, are just a few simple suggestions. Also remember that moving is a great opportunity to do some deep cleaning, so don’t take anything with you that you don’t absolutely need; you will save yourself the trouble of moving it, as well as finding a new place to store it!

If you aren’t able to move boxes and furniture yourself, it is a great idea to hire movers. There are plenty of local and even national resources that can help you set the date, and limit the hassle of a truck, fuel, and finding strong workers. They can give you an estimate on how long they will need, and determine potential costs depending on the number of rooms and size of furniture. Resources for movers in Madison, Wisconsin are also included below.

Ready, Set, Move!

  1. Make a list
    Although it may sound tedious, make a list of each room and start with how many boxes you think you will need for each one. This will help you strategize what to take with you, and what can be left behind for discarding. By focusing on each room, you’ll be able to prioritize your assets better.
  2. Color Code Boxes
    If you have the boxes availlable when you are making your list, mark them with a color marker, flag, or highlighter to designate each room. If you find it easier to simply mark the boxes in writing, make sure it is in a conspicuous spot so you limit time trying to find the room designation!
  3. Pack in rooms
    The simpler you pack, the easier it will be to unpack! Keep all the different room items packed together, and you are less likely to lose items during the move, or forget where things were placed.
  4. Use wardrobe boxes for storage
    These are great for carrying clothes, large blankets, comforters, and pillows, and even sofa cushions. Wardrobe boxes are available through most movers and trucking companies, and you can call ahead to find out measurements.
  5. Pack a travel case
    This should include your basic necessities such as cosmetics, toiletries, and other key items you might need on moving day if you are stuck without access to your items.
  6. Pack ahead
    A week or two before moving day, begin to pack things into boxes and consolidate items as much as possible. These are things that you will not likely use until after you unpack at your new destination, so begin organizing and stocking these boxes early.
  7. Use luggage bags
    Whether it’s one or two sets, luggage bags and suitcases can help to carry clothing, fragile items, and towels that otherwise will not carry well in boxes.
  8. Designate one box for confidential documents
    It is essential to keep tabs on your confidential and private documents in the moving process, and you can do this by setting aside one or two lockable, or tightly enclosed containers for your important paperwork, files, and materials.
  9. Use tote boxes
    These work as very efficient moving supplies, and since they come in a variety of colors, they will be easy to find and color-coordinate. The plastic/rubber varieties will not get damaged easily during the moving process, and are easy to carry by even one person if they are the right size.
  10. Create a cleaning box
    Use a small bucket or box to gather basic cleaning supplies such as paper towels, rags, window cleaner, and cleaning spray. While items are moved out of your home, it will be easy to clean up, and simply vacuum as the furniture is taken away.

Your next step may be to find a mover of moving company. Select a mover based on quotes, references, and flexibility with your move date. Some may be able to give you an estimate over the phone, while others will stop over for an in-person estimate. Do make sure to get all disclosures, plans, and confirmations in writing, so that you’ll be confident your possessions will be in good hands!

Just follow the aforementioned tips and you will find your clients eating out of your hand and always look up to you when they want to call the best movers in town, which is only enjoyed by a handful of moving companies like commercial storage Edmonton.


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