More Selection Criteria For Triple Bunk Beds

Having best quality Lastevoodi can be another reason for buying triple bunk beds. Bunk beds are very ideal for a child’s sleep and keeping his or her body posture in good shape. There are many variants of bunk beds available in the market both online as well as offline. There are many factors to consider when selecting the ideal triple bunk beds. Make sure you know what the available options are so that you are able to make an informed decision.

Does the ladder on the triple bunk beds extend to the floor?

Most movable ladders extend to the floor as this makes the ladder sturdier. It can however be in the way and you may prefer a ladder that starts at the bottom bunk and not on the floor. Bear in mind that these ladders are not very sturdy and may easily sway, causing a safety hazard. Permanent ladders that do not extend to the floor but form part of the construction are safe and sturdy. These ladders are more upright and require that a child holds on tightly when climbing to the top bunk. As these ladders require more concentration children are less likely to fall while climbing these ladders.

Are bunk bed mattresses included in the price of the triple bunk beds?

Unfortunately in most cases a bunk bed mattress is not recognized as part of the unit and mattresses have to be purchased separately. According to a ruling passed in the States in 2000 all bunk bed manufacturers have to stipulate the size of the bunk bed mattress that fits the various bunks in the set. It is your duty to ensure that you use the correct mattress as deviating from the recommended mattress may jeopardize the safety of the triple bunk beds.

Is the slat pack included in the price of the triple bunk beds?

Slat packs are a series of wooden slats that are used to provide additional support to the mattress. Invariably these are sold as part of the bunk beds but in some instances may be seen as an additional item. Make sure that you are aware of whether you will need to buy slat packs separately.

Do the triple bunk beds require bunkie boards?

The function of bunkie boards is basically the same as the slat packs – they provide support for the mattress. When you purchase bunk beds that require bunkie boards be aware that in most cases these boards are sold separately and are not included in the price of the bunk beds. Make sure you are aware of whether the triple bunk beds that you buy will need bunkie boards or not.

Do the triple bunk beds arrive fully assembled?

Most bunk beds require a small amount of assembling but there are triple bunk beds that are sold fully assembled or are assembled by the shipper at the time of delivery. Although there are instances where the assembling of the unit is included in the price of the bunk beds, this option may be available at a cost through certain e-line stores. If you would prefer to have your triple bunk beds fully assembled then inquire as to whether this option is available for the selected triple bunk beds by contacting the customer support line at your preferred e-line store.


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