Manufacture Of Knitted Clothes As A Business

Wool and knitted things present in the wardrobe of the majority of people and always remain in fashion. This means that the idea of producing knitted products will be beneficial, unless, of course, to implement the approach correctly, click to read more about the complete process of manufacturing knitted clothes.

Of course, we are talking about the industrial production of knitted products, but in this case, you can expect to profit and further the development of your enterprise. Here is an approximate list of items of clothing that are made in this way:

  • hosiery (socks, tights);
  • outerwear (vests, jackets, sweaters, jumpers, suits, coats);
  • underwear;
  • hats.

In the product list, you can add the goods for the house, namely, curtains, draperies, tablecloths, bedspreads, pot holders, cushions, etc.

Required equipment

For the organization of production of knitted products you’ll need:

  • knitting machines (number of units depends on the volume of production);
  • buttonhole machine (you need to create loops on the product, there are automatic and semi-automatic, including a computer program);
  • lockstitch machine (for connecting parts of one product);
  • machine chain stitch (for joining pieces);
  • serger (needed for handling the edges can be used to connect the parts, for example, sewing collars).

In addition, for steaming the finished product will need a steam table (in the extreme case iron), and for processing and connect the individual parts of the cutting table.

Cars are divided by class. The smaller the class, the thicker threads are used – this equipment is suitable for creating winter clothes (scarves, hats, sweaters). On machines 5 class can be linked products from any type of yarn, so for a universal production, they are more of a priority.

Business processes

The basic steps of business organization:

the development of a range of products that you will in the future to produce and sell; compiling a list of required equipment (you may need to slightly increase/reduce the above list – it all depends on the range of products); the development of knitting machine in parallel with the search of personnel (if the production is small, at the beginning of the functions can take on an entrepreneur); sourcing yarns; life distribution channels (negotiations with wholesalers rent space in the market, opening a chain store).

The most important thing was not just to establish the production of knitted products, but also to sell products. Your customers can be end customers, for example, if products are sold through the store, and intermediaries (wholesalers). If you’re going to specialize in the production of specific types of products, such as scarves and hats, the expected jump of the season.

Every employee in the shop necessary to fix the machine in his charge. In this case, you will be able to maximize the use of the equipment, avoiding downtime.

The raw material used threads of different thickness, as well as elements of decoration and fasteners (buttons, zippers, loops).


Specialists that are needed for the production: operators of knitting machines, seamstress, cutter, technologist, designer, programmer, mechanic-Adjuster. People in the last 4 professions can attract part-time, their constant presence and daily involvement in the process is optional.

A brief justification

Starting a business with 2-3 knitting machines, the cost of opening business will be 250-300 thousand RUB (Purchase of equipment – 150-200 thousand RUB., purchase of raw materials – 50 thousand rubles) Under this option, hire staff is not required, the whole job could be done by the business owner. The ROI for the organization of production is 12 months.

If you plan to create a more serious production (it is recommended to purchase at least 50 pieces of knitting machines), it would require investments in the amount of 8-10 thousand rubles., the Number of personnel 12 people. The area of shop 350 to 400 sq. meters. ROI 2-3 years.


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