Lose and Keep Off Unhealthy Belly Fat

You’ve made the commitment. You want to become healthier. Now, you need a plan that will help you not only lose weight and trim the fat but keep it from coming back! Here are a few pointers to help you make it all happen. It is important to learn and maintain healthy eating and exercise habits. I have chosen some things that will help you achieve your fat burning, weight-loss goals this year.

One important thing to remember is that you should always drink plenty of water. Water will not only help you stay hydrated, but help you flush toxins and unabsorbed nutrients through, rather than allow them to slowly be absorbed, and turned into fatty tissue.

Eat smaller portions, more frequently. Many nutritionists and personal trainers advise you to eat six small meals per day, rather than three to four large ones. This controls your hunger as well as keeping your body fueled consistently. It is very important to keep a constant flow of the nutrients and calories your body needs. Don’t neglect it. Your body needs fuel to keep it running. Add plenty of high fibers, more fresh fruits, and veggies, and don’t forget the protein shake before or after workout to keep you going. Use foods like soymilk, tofu, yogurt, and nuts to not only add proteins, minerals, and fatty acids but the more efficient proteins. Choose lean meats for your main meals, such as fish, chicken, and pork. Or use legumes and nuts if you are avoiding meats. Be sure to include vegetables and fruits, along with fewer sugars and include starches that are higher in fiber. Two of your meals should be before and then after your exercise. Many successful diets and work-out routines start you off with a high protein breakfast, such as two poached or scrambled eggs, with whole wheat toast; or a serving of oatmeal, with soymilk. After the workout, have a meal with a serving of fresh or frozen fruit, and a high fiber serving of starch, such as whole or multi-grain bread, cereal, or muffin along with the fruit.

Don’t overdo your workouts. I did that this past year. And found that I felt I’d earned the privilege of having a snack once in a while. Snacking tends to pack on the fat… it doesn’t reduce it. Also, you need to switch up your routine. Avoid doing an hour or more of just aerobic training. I can’t stress this enough. I found that when I only did about 15 minutes total of aerobics, with calisthenics, ballet, pilates, and weight training — by using the resistance of my muscles against themselves; I burned fat, and toned and built muscle. As we age, we naturally will lose muscle tissue. So we will constantly have a need to continue working out those muscles in the arms, legs back and abdominal areas.

Definitely make sure that you keep up moderate activity after you lose the weight and build the muscle that you desire. Once the goal has been achieved, you will need to maintain your toned midsection with at least 40 minutes a day, twice a week, of some sort of resistance training. Recent research has shown that it doesn’t matter how you lost the weight on your belly, whether it was through dieting, resistance training or aerobics, as long as you do 40 minutes of muscle toning workouts, twice a week, you will keep it off more easily. Belly fat is the fat that worries medical practitioners. It surrounds your crucial abdominal organs and releases toxins that can cause damage to them. Do not take a chance with your health.

I find that, even though I have gained back a “muffin top” belly, I still have not gained back all of my excess belly fat. I have recently returned to my workout routine. Slowly building it up, to longer periods of time, from 20 minutes of total work, to now 40 minutes of workout. I will lengthen it, progressing slowly to a workout of no more than 1-½ hours of combined activities. I find that I enjoy the feeling of added energy from the workouts, and have felt the increase was beneficial to smoother and quicker; more controlled weight loss and muscle building. Some specialists theorize that with increased resistance training, excess fats will tend to be stored in safer areas of your body, such as arms, legs, and hips, rather than near vital organs.


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