Know for how much time Ambien stays in our body:

Ambien is a drug used to treat sleep disorders, and its effect stays in our body for a while. One has to take care that, one should not get addicted to this as it may cause headache, diarrhoea, muscle and joint pain, heartburn, concentration loss and more. It should be only taken under the advice of Doctor only.

Duration of Ambien in the Body

Also known as Zolpidem, Ambien affects our body for 8 hours after it is taken. It nearly takes half an hour to show its action and will be out of our body entirely after 14 hours which depends on various factors. However, during a medical checkup, the remains of Ambien can be spotted in our body for a longer duration.

Factors that affect the Duration of Ambien in our Body

There are many factors which affect the duration of medicine in our body, which are:


The most important one is age. As reports show that young people get rid off with the effect of the medicine faster than that of aged people because in young people the rate of metabolisation rate is faster.

Structure of the body

Healthy people get rid of the drug faster as they contain more fat and Ambien is water-soluble.

Eating Habits

This is also considered as one of the most crucial factors as the use of it affect the intake of foods during the taking of medicine. The more we take the drug, the more time will body take to get rid of its effects because our body will take more time to dilute the food as well as medicine we have taken. 

Metabolic Rate

Depending on the metabolic rate, which is high in some as compared to others. The rate is the amount of calories that are burnt in our body while at rest.