Keep Hackers At Bay- Privy Your Data From External Scourge

Whom can you trust completely in this world in the current times? Is there anyone who can be relied upon with implicit faith? Who can be the person with whom you can entrust your life without second thought?

Well, it is safe to say that those times are long gone and there is virtually no one in existence who qualifies for this title. Even family members have their ulterior motives when they offer their help and don’t even think twice before betraying their closed ones.

While there can be no doubt that everyone has grey shades to their character, including one’s own self, but that does not mean that they are bad people at heart who want to harm you.

Hacking Business

However, that is too simplistic a viewpoint and cannot be said to apply 100% these days as external elements always have malicious intentions when they are driven by greed.

One of them are hackers, who are the undisputed kings of the cyber world with unfound intelligence and brilliance, though of course, which they use in a diabolical manner to cause harm to others and get rich in the process.

The job of a hacker is nothing more than to find some innocent victims online to prey upon by first conning them into friendship and slowly winning their confidence so that they will come of use in the future.

So, given below are some important points on how to keep them at bay:

  1. Update your online software at regular intervals
  2. Download the latest security programs and anti malware technology from liutilities windows library
  3. If you’re planning to sell your hardware, remove all personal data from it
  4. Keep complex passwords which no one can detect
  5. Kindly lock your phone while you are out
  6. Delicate information has to be off cloud
  7. The login options have to be such that can revoke access when no longer in use
  8. Learn the art of smart emailing so as to be wary of phishing
  9. Give relevant answers to security queries
  10. Follow a specific pattern for passwords


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