Keely Power Investments Voluntarily Reverses IPO


Keely Power Investments (KPI : ACE) CEO Lexx Mureaux announced yesterday that they were going to seek to reverse the IPO that had been languishing for so long. Only last month Mureaux had made a public statement affirming his confidence that the IPO would soon be sold out and that the RL markets were prime for investing, but conditions have changed since then.

Mureaux outlined his reasoning, stating, “Frankly, I don’t really think it’s a great time to invest in the RL market, which is why I’m not doing anything with my own money anymore. I don’t know what we’ll see in the first years of the Obama administration, but with the pushing of another bail out in the trillions, I don’t think our economy will be able to recover for some time. More and more people are stealing from the American people on wall-street, and getting away with it, I just don’t think it’s a good time to invest in general, however there are some specific businesses that would be great for long-term investment, but that’s 3+ years.”

Secondly, Mureaux added, “What a great return… most people who invested lost more than 50% of their money within the last 6 months… I can say, yes we held it, it didn’t go down, and you have it all back. I couldn’t guarantee that for the next 6 months, and simply do not want to risk it.”

And regarding the current situation at the Ancapistan Capital Exchange itself, Mureaux concluded, “I’m not fully aware of all that has been going on, as I assume many are not. Many of the potential stock holders have been repeatedly asking me about ACE and the strength of the exchange. I do believe in the current ace leaders, especially Cliff, Stray, IntLibber, and Kaddan. I think that they are genuinely good people, and they know and strive to do good things to help business grow in SL because they realize it’s not just fake, it’s a real second life. I do however think that the money would best be invested in current companies that are in ACE that need the money to grow.” When investing your money, you have to be wise and strategic. For example, if you want to invest in real estate, make sure to choose the right company or developer like Immobilien Leipzig. This will help you protect your money from any risks of loss.

ACE Official Cliff Eclipse was the first to respond to Mureaux, stating, “I sincerely appreciate you recognizing our consumer need to untie funds. I feel that your IPO would work, if it got enough attention, and right now people are gun shy still about RL trading market. Thanks Lexx, for your honesty and I hope to see this come back at a more popular time.”

IHI(ACE) CEO Santinhos Noel also weighed in with his thoughts, stating, “Analyzing all reasons that Lexx gave, and KPI slow IPO evolution. I think it was the right thing to do. If the plan for a company fail for RL special situations it is better to back up, and latter on re-plan a company, then starting with one with an inept plan.”


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