K1 Or K3 Visa: Which Is Better For Immigrating Couples?

When a foreign individual is immigrating to his or her significant other’s country, there are two primary visas that can apply: the K1 and the K3. The K1 visa is for engaged couples, and is typically called the fiancé visa. The spouse visa, or K3, is for couples who are already married but have been living in a foreign country or separately since their wedding day. Following are a few tips on how to decide which type of visa is best for you. The visa immigration lawyer toronto  will build a easy link for the person to meet with the spouse. The availability of the visa for the married couple will be fast and in simple steps.


Are you already married?

If you’ve already gotten married – either in the U.S. or abroad – then you don’t have much choice when it comes to the K1 and K3 visas. You can’t “unring a bell”, as they say, so you’ll need to apply for the K3 visa and supply all documentation required by the consulate. This usually means photo identification and an official copy of your marriage license, but it varies depending on where you live.

How quickly do you need to get to the States?

Generally speaking, a K1 visa is faster for immigrating couples than a K3 visa because it requires only one application – rather than two with the K3. The process takes only about six months, while the K3 can take up to eighteen months depending on the quantity of applications on file. This allows you to quickly move to the States, where you can plan your wedding after you’ve settled into your new home.

How long will your wedding plans take?

When immigrating couples apply for the K1 visa, they have only three months to get settled in the U.S. before they have to get married. The wedding must take place on American soil, and you’ll have to file the appropriate paperwork after the ceremony is concluded. With a K3 visa, you can get married anywhere in the world you want, without having to worry about rushing the wedding plans. In this cases, however, you can’t start the application process until you are legally married.

Are you worried about being separated after you get married?

If you apply for a K3 visa, you don’t have to be separated again after you’ve tied the knot. You’ll have to wait in your respective countries until the application process is complete, but you won’t have to be separated again once you’re married. With a K1 visa, on the other hand, the foreign partner must return to his or her home country after the wedding to finish the process, which can be difficult for newlyweds.

There is virtually no difference between the K1 and K3 visas except for your marital status, but it is certainly a matter of individual circumstances. Discuss the best way to go with your spouse and agree on the method that will work best for you. If needed, you can contact your local consulate or the U.S. Immigration Service for additional information.


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