Is Salvini Cichlid Fishes Good For Aquarists?

If you are fond of fishes and having aquariums in your home, there are a variety of fishes that you can opt for. Some people are well experienced in having fished and taking care of them, while others are beginners and will need some guidance when taking care of an aquarium. There are different types of fishes and aquariums that you can keep in your home. Cichlid Salvini is suggested for the people who are a little more experienced.

Cichlid Salvini

This fish is recommended for experienced and skilled aquarists as this fish can be quite a challenge when it comes to taking care of it. Despite being a little challenging to take care of, this fish is not very demanding and can even live in small and tiny tanks. If the fish has stablemates, this fish can be a little aggressive, and they will need to be taken care of.

Cichlid Salvini fish will enjoy a spacious and roomy tank that can have a capacity of containing 150 liters that is equal to 33 gals. This is more suitable for adult species. If there is a large tank, there can be several fishes in the same tank. However, there should be at least thirty to forty liters for one fish in the tank. It is supposed to be very important for a Salvini cichlid to have a separate territory.

At the time of the spawning period, these fishes can tend to become more aggressive. However, these fishes can still mingle and have a good time with other fishes in the tank. This fish is not demanding when it comes to the bottom substrate of the tank. It is advised to add some small pebbles and granite chippings to the tank. You can check out other types of fishes that are good for your home aquarium.