Hydrogen Fuel Is Betted As Best For Sustainable Aviation

If the production and storage of hydrogen as a fuel is made cheap and convenient, it could be the best fuel for powering automotive engines and aircraft. Experts say it has the most negligible carbon emission, and innovators like ZeroAvia have successfully tested their first hydrogen-fueled commercial aircraft. So, it can be expected that soon hydrogen can become the standard fuel for our vehicles. Aviation companies have high expectations from this fuel as it is highly eco-friendly.

So far, hydrogen is only used as a coolant for aircraft, but it could be the primary fuel for flying machines someday in the coming future.

How Hydrogen-Powered Plane Works, And How Does It Differ?

A hydrogen plane has a jet engine that gets power from the hydrogen for the turbines. These airplanes, however, require larger fuel tanks, and also the tank cannot be situated at the wings of the aircraft for some reason. Therefore, it is assumed that the planes would have less passenger capacity. But since this is important to find fuel for the aviation industry that is less harmful to the environment, hydrogen is the only best chance so far.

3 Major Factors That Will Be Changed With Hydrogen Fuel

  • If aircraft use hydrogen instead of kerosene-based jet fuel, it will promote zero carbon emission in the environment.
  • Similarly, this will also reduce the emission of harmful gases like nitrogen oxide, which leads to the greenhouse effect and harms the ozone layer.
  • And finally, the contrail formation from the aircraft will be controlled as currently, it is among the significant harmful emissions produced by jets and planes.

Thus, we can expect that hydrogen can save the environment and promote a healthy future for the earth since automobiles produce more than thirty percent of the global pollution that needs to be controlled.


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