How to Triple Your Money Writing Ebooks

Do you have unique skills or special knowledge on a particular topic? Do you like to research? If you are already blogging or writing content on subjects you enjoy then you are already well on your way to writing ebooks and making money on the Internet. You can boost that by reading Douglas Williams reviews as well. Millions of people go online to satisfy their hunger for meaningful information and when you offer a valuable solution, a percentage of those surfers will gladly pay for your expertise.

Ebooks do not require much cash investment to create. You may need to pay a small amount for images or cover art but the rest is your time. Do a search online for “ebook templates” and you’ll come up with thousands of results for free templates that are easy to use. The length depends on the message you are delivering and how many pages it takes to do it. Adding images and video clips will make it more interesting for your readers and increases the value of your ebook.

Where to Sell Your Ebook

You have some options when you are ready to put your ebook on the market. You can promote it on your own website, blog, or “squeeze page.” There are websites that specialize in selling products such as MP3 tracks, artwork, graphics, CDs, and ebooks. A couple of popular sites are Clickbank and E-junkie. There are several advantages to using sites like these…

Ebook market websites are already attracting thousands of potential visitors that may be interested in buying yours. When you register for an account you are enrolled in an automated eCommerce system that allows you to collect payments through gateways such as PayPal. You can also offer an affiliate program for your ebook that helps you promote it by paying out commissions to others that sell it for you.

Two More Ways to Make Money

Consider the second way to get paid when you write your ebook – you can earn commissions in addition sale of your own material by embedding affiliate links to other ebooks in your text. When a person reading your book clicks through, you get paid when they buy it.

If you are going to do this, make sure the product associated with your affiliate link does not compete with your own material, lest your reader feels ripped off for buying yours. Affiliate linking can be highly lucrative, to the point where some authors give their product away free just to have the advantage of the affiliate commissions.

You can also generate income a third way when you promote other products you are selling. The most vital thing to remember is that your ebook is worth the money you ask someone to pay. Even if you offer it at no charge, your reputation as an author is directly affected by the quality of information you offer.


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