How To Earn a Full-Time Income With Paid To Post Opportunities

Bloggers are beginning to find new ways to earn a steady and/or generous income utilizing nothing more than a free blog, their writing, and online opportunities. Bloggers make money online using mostly in the following ways. Although, you can read Freddie Cammell review in order to learn about the effectiveness of all these opportunities:

  • Adsense Revenue
  • Paid to Post
  • Commission Affiliates

In this article, I will tell you how easy it is to earn a full-time income with paid to post opportunities, PayPerPost, and Blogitive only.

Paid to post apps are sometimes given a bad rap, and some blogging hosts (Bloggerparty, writing, role blogs) do not allow paid to post opportunities with Blogitive. But, the blogger does! So, here’s how to earn a full-time GENEROUS income utilizing nothing but paid to post opportunities.

You will need a blog, of course. If you already have 1 or 2, even better! All you need to achieve the success of this example is to have 4 running blogs that are 90 days old or older and updated at least once every 7 days (this is because PayPerPost only accepts blogs this way.) If you don’t have this yet, that’s ok, you can estimate based the number of blogs you do own, or make plans to start achieving this very simple goal.

So, let’s say you have 4 blogs, each over 90 days old, and two of which are PR4+ (Google Page Rank.) You will be posting on PayPerPost and Blogitive on a regular schedule, as any job. But, in this case, you won’t be working 40 hours a week, 9-5, you’ll be working whenever you want!

Full-time Income With Paid to Post Opportunities Overview:

PayPerPost offers bloggers the opportunity to search the available paid to post opportunities on their site, choose the ones that relate to their site, accept the opportunity, post the advertisement, and get paid. You can only post 3 posts on each blog per day, with at least 1 non-PayPerPost opportunity in between them. They offer between $5-$1,000.00 PER POST, depending upon your Google Page Rank. If you have a PR4+, you can easily make $15-$20 per post.

Blogitive assigns specific opportunities, which you are given the choice to accept or deny.

Your Work Day:

3 PayPerPost opportunities per blog. Remember, we’ve estimated that two of your blogs are a PR4+-, which earn between $15-$20 per post and the other two are not, which can earn between $6-$8 per post. In this case, you will earn:

  • $15 per post x 3 posts x 2 (PR4+) Blogs = $90.00
  • $7 per post x 3 posts x 2 (non- PR4+) Blogs= $42.00
  • Total PayPerPost Per Day: $132.00

PayPerPost opportunities are great because you don’t lose readership, you get to search for opportunities that match your readers. Now, on to Blogitive…

Blogitive pays a strict $5 per post. Because the topics don’t always relate to your site, let’s say you post only 2 Blogitive posts, per blog.

  • $5 per post x 2 posts x 4 Blogs = $40.00 Total Blogitive Per Day

So, altogether you earn $172.00 per day using PayPerPost and Blogitive.

  • You only want to work 5 days a week, so multiply $172 x 5 = $860.00 per week

Now, let’s do a little more math here, earning $860.00 per week, and there are 52 weeks in one year.

  • $860 per week x 52 weeks per year = $44,720 per year!

The revenue you can make off your blog right now is incredible! If you don’t have enough Blogs yet, or they aren’t 90 days old yet, you can still do it…It just takes a little work, a little time and a lot of writing! So, get to it! Is that not motivation enough?


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