Here are tips and ideas for a successful hybrid event

The new hybrid events combine two distinct yet related experiences into one focal event. The event content is the shared connection between in-person and virtual guests. Any event type, including trade exhibitions, conferences, meetings, and seminars, might benefit from a hybrid approach. As effortless as they mind sound to some, these events require extensive planning and troubleshooting in case something goes wrong. 

So, here are some essential tips for organizing a smooth and engaging hybrid event. 


  • Hybrid event platform


First of all, one should choose a hybrid event platform that can support the aim of the organizers. It should understand the complexities of catering to two audiences and has expertise in producing valuable experiences for both virtual and face-to-face attendees.


  • Take care of the virtual visitors


One should be careful not to leave the online audience out of fun if already invested in digital infrastructure to support the live event. It is not always sufficient to just give a live feed of the event, especially if virtual participation is charged. 

There will be some aspects of the event that will not transition well to the virtual world. Also, when planning the programme, one should consider the likelihood of “virtual tiredness” and a reduced attention span and prepare shorter presentations and sessions. 


  • Reaching out to the in-person attendees


While it is critical to offer value for the virtual guests, the event must equally guarantee that there is value for those that visit the facility. Hence, organizers need to make sure to have appealing offerings that will make guests want to, and need to, attend.


  • Allow for adaptability


Attendees can also avoid missing out on essential sessions, presenters, and information by using virtual features of hybrid events. Recording these and making them available to participants on-demand helps them schedule their time more freely. 

So, now that the world is embracing the digital transformation while having fun with being physically present in moments, a hybrid event is the way to go! 


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