Get Your Mobile Number From Your Sim using these tips

For you to know to move your mobile number to a new sim, the first thing that you need to know is your SIM number. Usually, this number can be located on the SIM card itself. However, there are mobile phones that allow you to locate it from the settings menu as well. To get that details, check this out:

Old mobile phones will show you the number of your SIM in your settings menu. Hence, there is no need to take your SIM card off your mobile phone to get it. 

The first step you need to take is to open your apps list then go to settings. Go to the bottom of the menu and go to ‘About’. Next step is to tap the option ‘Status’. On some mobile phones, options like ‘Phone Identity’ is available instead of ‘Status’. You need to identify the type of phone your using before you proceed to this step. You can check on the Internet to know this. Consequently, tap IMEI information from the options. To locate your SIM number, it can either be found on the options ‘ICCID number’ or ‘IMSI number’. This again will depend on the phone that you are using. You can also use this number if your mobile network provider ask for such details.

Now if you are not able to find your SIM number through the settings of your phone, then the alternative action would be taking the SIM card out of your phone and read it directly from the card. This is usually located on the plastic side of the sim.

You can also call your network provider to know your SIM card number but you have to provide the IMSI and ICCID number from your phone’s menu setting. 


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