Four Surprisingly Good Action/Suspense Movies You May Have Never Heard Of But Absolutely Must See

If you are an action/suspense movie lover like I am, you are always on the lookout for the next adrenaline-pumping flick to kick back to. If you are still confused about how you can watch these movies online then 123movies is the answer to all your questions. You get to watch these movies for free along with all the latest Tv shows and animes. Here are four movies you may or may not have heard of before but are guaranteed to entertain you the entire time:

Running Scared: Paul Walker stars in this fast-paced movie about mobsters, dirty cops, and the strange family next door. When Paul’s character Joey Gazelle is told to hide a gun used to kill a cop, it falls into the wrong hands and he spends the entire movie trying to track it down. Along the way, he runs into pimps, pedophiles, and masochistic hockey players. Not for the faint of heart but guaranteed to keep your attention the entire time.

Leon the Professional: Can a hitman have a soft heart underneath his gruff exterior? French actor Jean Reno portrays Leon, a man for hire who doesn’t have a care in the world except when his next job will be, and his plant, which he tends to on a regular basis. When his neighbor, Natalie Portman, a young girl with a dysfunctional family arrives home to find her entire family shot, Leon reluctantly takes her under his wing and trains her to be a “cleaner” so she may get revenge on the people who killed her four-year-old brother. This movie has the perfect combination of humor, action, suspense, and heartache. A must see!

The Hitcher (2006): Sean Bean stars in this remake of the 1986 thriller about a psychopathic hitchhiker who stalks the same couple during their drive to Lake Havasu for spring break. The couple stops for him during a rainstorm and allows him into their car, but they quickly find out he is not an innocent man with the bad luck of having a flat in the rain. They manage to get him out of the car, but soon they see him everywhere and he is killing other innocent people along the way. When the couple tries to call the police, their story ends up landing them in jail for the hitcher’s murders! (Not for the faint of heart since there is one particularly gruesome event during the movie).

Nick of Time: Johnny Depp and Christopher Walken star in this movie about an innocent businessman (Depp) and his young daughter held hostage until Depp carries out a plan to kill the woman running for Governor. This movie runs in real-time, and Depp has about an hour and a half to carry out the task or else his daughter will be killed.

So make that popcorn, dim the lights, and enjoy these movies on your next movie night! I guarantee you will enjoy them.


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