Features Of Soccer Cleats:

Soccer cleats are needed by soccer players to practice a game with complete efficiency and safety. The main utility soccer cleats should provide traction, support, and feel of the ball. Some elements one should not miss on while buying soccer cleats if one desires to play like a top professional player. Soccer cleats are one of the most important types of equipment for a soccer player.

Elements to look for when buying soccer cleats:

  • Upper Sole: The upper sole is located above the insole or the midsole. Depending on the brand, the material of the upper sole varies. The main impact of the upper sole is on touch and ball control.
  • Outsole: The outsole is located at the bottom of the cleats. It is made up of rubber or synthetic material, which depends on the type of cleat it is that it is firm ground or soft ground.
  • Insole: Insole forms the most critical part of cleats as best insoles are required to avoid foot pain and maximum comfort. If necessary insoles don’t work well, one can always purchase external insoles.
  • Mid Sole: Midsole is located between inner and outer sole; it is mainly to absorb shocks.

  • Heel: Heel is the back portion of the shoe that provides heel support. There is no perfect definition of heel one can choose whichever offers maximum comfort.
  • Studs: Studs are located beneath the cleats. Depending on the utility, one can choose from different types of studs like hard, grounded, bladed, and round. Studs provide traction on the field, so advisable to select the best.

Thus one should always buy any cleats after checking all the elements required to give the level of comfort desired. Cleats define the performance level of any game, so choose wisely.


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