Engaging with Bullies Online with Facebook, Twitter or Other Social Media

A reader only needs to look and take the time to glance at the current mentality of people commenting or posting on the blogs and news articles to realize that one fact is for sure. Today, in this modern era of high technology, instant messaging and accurate updates of events that either impact or infect your way of living, one thing has become a reality for sure – your point of view is either liked or disliked by the reader and not always for what you write but rather what you stand for. Look at this from another point and realize that in this techno environment where we are surrounded by IPhones, IPads, IPods and droids of sorts, it is easy to make enemies not only by action, but simply by being known for your consistent principle. Many people, without you even uttering a word to them, will hate you simply because they know that your principles are in opposition to their actions, and that your principles are not negotiable.

Thus it is has become a way we live and either accept the practice or abstain from using Facebook, Twitter or other social interconnections to express or inform others of your position on those matters posted or discussed. For many of us, it’s either tolerate the irrational comments or don’t participate at all. Whether the post is addressed to an organization or person, it never ceases to amaze me how personal the reader takes the message and how they spin through a disordered process that appears dysfunctional at best to inject behaviors that resemble those of a hatred cancer as they permeate the entire subject with their own poison or flawed ideology and expecting others to accept it as reasonable or relevant to the subject discussed. They total ignorance of any truth countermands their content and overrides their common sense.

Either unwilling or unable to comprehend the entire article or story commenting on they attack the writer and the content with a venomous outright denial of any such existence, possibilities or unwillingness to recognize it as the truth by becoming a bully to everyone that disagrees with their interpretation. So what are some of the characteristics of such a social media bully and why do they behave that way. The answer is not clearly known but it is clear they want their point to be the most convincing element of their comment and show a willingness to make up anything spontaneously to fit their needs of their viewpoint. Sometimes they demonstrate a Jekyll and Hyde feature that is vicious or dirty in nature; sometimes they become innocent and charming to play both sides. These bullies are great at lying and deceiving others into believing their words or actions playing it off as if it was an act but rather, it’s real. They alter their verbal abilities to meet the person’s own persona and create an altered persona to deliberately outmaneuver their tactics to either initiate or prevent times of conflict.

Most bullies don’t use their real names when posting or commenting but rather find a title or nickname that exemplifies their expressions or ideology on a political issue or even cartoon / superhero characters. Their styles can be described as smooth, slippery, fawning toadying or sycophantic. Sometimes they mimic, repeat or regurgitate the writer’s words to convince others they have both read it and understood its contents or to pour their own emotionally charged ideas into the fire. Summing up this serial bully he or she is emotionally retarded or emotionally immature thus untrustworthy of credibility or principles. They hold deep prejudices and often have express deep sexual matters, terms or behaviors to reinforce their displeasing exterior. Most are highly self-opinionated and carry a sense of being an untouchable with no fear of consequences for such behaviors. They are arrogant and likely to display contempt of others and a need to be in control of the conversation or matters at hand. These control freaks are antisocial in personalities and compulsive to speak or act out given the free reign of being online and having no one there to control their accessibility or receivership of those emails, blogs, e-newspaper etc. as they surf the net for controversy or opportunities to inflict pain, criticism or down grade someone’s value for their own pleasures and sociopathic desires.

In conclusion, the bullies may tend to get on your nerves most of the time but the best weapon is to ignore it in the initial stages because silence speaks louder than words and if things go out of hand, inform the police. Don’t sell your integrity for some cheap instagram likes as 15 minutes of fame doesn’t last long and has an adverse impact on the future.


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