Do I Really Need a Home Inspection?

When most buyers find a home they love, they soon learn how many small costs begin to affect their pocketbook. Often times, because of all the other costs, buyers will want to inspect the home themselves, or bring in a family expert that may be a contractor or other industry professional. The simple truth is that a professional home inspector is worth every penny that you spend on them. I have watched hundreds of buyers and family members spend hours looking for hidden defects and items that may need repair and have never uncovered even a small percentage of what is wrong with the home.

Why is it worth it? The main reason is to attempt to protect the buyer from “major repairs”. This is a relative term, but depending on how much money you have, it is a repair that would make you sorry you bought the home, one that you would have walked away from or insisted the seller pay for before you would close. For most buyers, that’s anything that costs over a thousand dollars, but most definitely in the tens of thousands.

These defects are economic catastrophes to home buyers, but especially for first time home buyers. Okay, so you may be saying, but this home isn’t that old, so I am sure there wont be anything that bad. That is a chance you simply should never take.

The second reason is to get a comprehensive list of all the minor repairs that are needed. During the inspection period, the buyer can negotiate with the seller to have repairs taken care of that are important to them. Unless Uncle Hank is going to give you a fifteen page report on literally every single thing that is wrong with that home, it is still best to get a professional.

Reason three is safety. For items like electrical, fireplaces, furnaces, water heaters, radon, and lead based paint, always get a professional inspection. Yes, there are more inspections that need to be done to check for these as well, but when it comes to the safety and health of your family it is best to know everything ahead of time so you have the option of negotiating repairs and remedies or being able to walk away.

The last reason, which usually isn’t talked about is a list of maintenance items and a knowledge of your home. Just ask anyone who is already a homeowner. Keeping your home is good condition is a full time job. A good inspector will make recommendations to try and keep your basement dry, plumbing in good condition, as well as exterior upkeep. It is like hiring a commercial property management Naples FL, you will get wide variety of benefits. Hence, it will help you in your property endeavor.

Buying a home is a big purchase and while it seems like everyone and their brother is taking money from you, it is very important to try to protect your investment and your pocketbook by having it inspected by a professional home inspector. If that doesn’t convince you, let me share one last thing. I would never, ever let any member of my family purchase a home without a professional home inspector, even on a new home. No exceptions.


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