Destruction of Collagen and Elastin Can Lead to Aged Skin

In this homepage article, we are going to talk about how the destruction of collagen and elastin results in aged-looking skin over a period of time. If you want your skin to look healthy forever, you must keep certain things in mind.

You have probably been told about some misconceptions regarding the health and the look of your skin. Many believe that collagen is an important constituent of the skin. However, the area of the skin that is visible to us is known as the epidermis and collagen is not an important part of the epidermis. It is however the main constituent of the dermis which is placed in between the subcutaneous layer and the epidermis.

The epidermis consists of about 4 or 5 layers, which depends on what part of the body, the skin is covering. These layers in turn are made up of four distinct types of cells. However, almost 95% consists of a not so commonly known protein called keratin.

There are 2 layers that make up the dermis, the elastin fibers, however, are present only in the lowest layer, which is near thickly packed fibers of collagen. Collagen fibers that are loosely held are present in the other.

Anti-aging skin products many times contain both collagen and elastin. However, for these skin creams to work towards reversing the aging, they have to go deep into these layers of the epidermis to be able to reach the dermis. It is even tougher for the elastin as it has to go through 5 epidermal layers. The whole concept behind these creams is not possible.

The structural complexity of these proteins makes it almost impossible to go through so many strata giving doctors the idea of putting it through with an injection. If such the topical application of such creams was to work, there would be no need for painful injections.

There is a logical explanation as to why the destruction or damage of collagen and elastin lead to aged skin. When these proteins are damaged, they lose their strength. The skin, therefore, loses its elasticity and cannot spring back into position after a significant amount of weight reduction.

As we grow older the subcutaneous tissue reduces in thickness which basically results in the same situation as when a person would lose fat. Therefore, with all of this happening, the skin begins to sag. This further results in lines and wrinkles appearing on your skin.

The biggest cause for this damage is free radicals, though inflammation and stress are not totally innocent. The best way our body can combat free radicals is with the help of antioxidants that are available in the market as topical creams. Anti-inflammatory remedies that can be put directly onto the epidermis are also available. Reducing stress is another issue altogether.

Speaking of skin that is rapidly aging and losing collagen and elastin and needs antioxidants and anti-inflammatory meds, you should seek out a company that specializes in the use of nanotechnology. Antioxidants are not going to penetrate these strata unless this kind of technology is used. Even vitamin E and coenzyme Q10.


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