How to Promote Your Book Online for Free

If you’ve published a book, either through a traditional publisher or by self-publishing, you will need to promote it yourself if you want to see more sales. While a traditional publisher will do some of the promotions for you, you will still want to do whatever you can to promote it on your own. When […]

Surviving When Ending an Online Relationship

An online relationship takes time and dedication to work. You’ll share about your lives and ponder the future, together. Some online relationships will move forward and have years of happiness together. Other online relationships reach a point, where one person has to speak up and say “it’s not working”. If you find yourself in a […]

Best Luggage for Your Next Trip

Here is an article for all you travelers out there. This article is about luggage you want to use on your next trip. A great mobile duffle bag is the Delsey 2228- Helium Fusion Trolley Duffel. 30 are now in stock and are offered for only $146.01 at This is the perfect bag to […]