Get All Your SEO Solutions At Getivan

If you are unlikely to worry about hiring an SEO expert, you have certainly realized that there are infinite options. In reality, some entrepreneurs, especially those who have no awareness of all the changes on their pages, seem daunting. Many SEO advisers will tell you what they know you need to know, to make you […]

10 Common Social Media Mistakes – Treating it Like Advertising

Many people are still confused about the difference between social media and advertising. Let me illuminate: Social media, digital marketing, social networking, online presence, are all terms that refer to presenting and promoting your business on the various internet platforms, AKA Inbound marketing. Traditional advertising, or outbound marketing, such as sending coupons in the mail, […]

How much could you earn from youtube

Google runs an income sharing project called Adsense for YouTube. The organization show promotions on your recordings and you get a rate of income from ad. In spite of the fact that not affirm, it’s trusted that the split is 55-45. So if a publicist pays 100$ for advertisements, Google take 45$ for giving you […]

Social Media in the News

The only noise heard in the room is the clickety-click of fingers flying across the keyboards of students transfixed by the message from two broadcasters. It is the sound of change. It is the sound of a new era. It is the sound of the future. “Business has changed a lot,” said Lin Sue Cooney, […]