E-Cigs To Health Orgs: Where’s The Love?

The American Medical Association. The American Cancer Society. The American Heart Association. Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids. The American Lung Association, for crying out loud. All are publicly against electronic cigarettes. Theoretically, there are on the same team as electronic cigarette manufacturers. Since they all have the same goal of eradicating the use of tobacco cigarettes, […]

Harajuku Lovers By Gwen Stefani – Product Review

Harajuku Lovers Perfume was a perfume based on the youth district in Tokyo. This perfume comes in five fragrances music, Lil angel, baby, love, music, and G.On the Cosmetica Website Gwen states that Harajuku Lovers can be anything that inspires her…anything that she wants. The line is endless and is just going to continue to grow. […]

The Best Places For Cookeville Coffee

Cookeville is a small college town. If you’re a Tennessee Tech student like me, you may find yourself in need of a place to just relax or visit with friends. There is Starbucks in our University Center, but I like to support local businesses and spend my money at nice little mom-and-pop shops like Poet’s, […]