Some Steam Tips For Pc Gaming Noobs And Power Users

Steam is the countenance of PC gaming whose infamous sales for seasons made it quite popular retail destination online. It is much more than a mere simple store as the desktop client of it allows doing various things like streaming play sessions, organizing the library, and chatting with family and friends. Steam has introduced useful […]

Mark of the Ninja Is a Great Game

I decided to make this review because the ninja theme is something that is somewhat cyclical, and this game really stands out from it. Decades go by and stories of silent killers are told again and again, with more or less elegance, with better or worse special effects. But beware because I will speak to […]

Top 3 Mods For GTA 5 Players

GTA 5 is undoubtedly one of the best multiplayer games ever. But won’t like to make it tad better if you get a chance? Well, this is where GTA 5 mods come in. These are modification downloads that will make your game more interesting and exciting. Some of the mods also work to scale up […]

Downloadable Content: The Nickel and Dime?

The gaming conspiracy theorist says this: after a developer has finished a deep, rich project the big bad developer comes into the picture wielding a machete in one hand and a marketing plan in the other; the result being tons and tons of cheap downloadable content and a seemingly incomplete game. The latest to come […]