Firewalls Software and Hardware

Internet Firewall explained so that you know about free and personal firewalls.  A firewall acts as a sentry between your computer and its files and the WWW, the world wide west, err, I meant web. A firewall monitors the network traffic between your computer and the Internet making sure the only traffic that goes between […]

How To Protect And Secure Laptop?

The beauty of laptops and notebook computers lies in their portability. Unfortunately, their very makes them vulnerable to theft. Whether you take yours down to the local coffee house to get some work done while you sip your latte or if you lug it across country on business trips, ensuring your laptop’s security is a […]

Social Media Addiction is on the Rise

Answering yes to any of the above questions or the ones listed below may be an indication of a beginning or serious addiction to social media… Studies show that more and more people are developing an addictive tendency to the dopamine feed that the approval and acknowledgment from social media provides. If any of these […]

Four Easy Tips for Using Public WiFi Safely

Public WiFi is becoming increasingly ubiquitous. Many coffee shops, restaurants, and other businesses now offer it as a necessary competitive incentive to draw and hold customers who want to be able to access the internet wherever they happen to be. The convenience is great as are the risks. Even when public WiFi spots are secured […]