Catch Electric Type Pokemon

There are a few ways to catch electric type Pokemon. Tracking down electric type spawn locations is one of the most effective methods. With a wide range of areas to look through, this Pokemon type is one of the harder ones to capture. Many of the most popular locations to catch electric type Pokemon include college campuses and schools. If you want to add this Pokemon type to your collection, use this guide to catch electric type Pokemon or you just look at the Pokemon go account for sale and save yourself from all the hassle.

There are just 9 different electric type Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Players that are struggling to catch electric types can use this guide to narrow down their search locations. Searching in areas near schools or universities is a good way to catch electric type Pokemon.

Taking an electric type Pokemon into battle against a Flying or Water-type Pokemon can increase your chances at victory. Although electric type Pokemon are best against Water as well as Flying types, it’s generally weak against Ground types. Use Pokemon type to plan out your battle strategy and choose the best Pokemon for the job.

If you don’t have electric type Pokemon to deal with your foes, read on to learn how to catch electric types.

How to catch electric type Pokemon

Primary Places to look

The best places for electric type spawn locations include the following places;

  • Colleges
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Libraries

Going for a Pokewalk in these areas can lead you to find some of these electric type Pokemon. Of course one of the best electric type Pokemon includes everyone’s favorite, Pikachu. Luckily for you, you don’t need to hunt or track down a Pikachu. You can use this handy Pokemon Go trick to get your very own Pikachu.

Secondary places to look

Urban areas with a high concentration of Pokemon Go players will also be great places to catch electric type Pokemon. If these methods fail, there are a few other ways to add some spark to your Pokemon Go lineup.

Other ways to catch electric type Pokemon

Evolve them – One of the strongest electric type Pokemon is Jolteon, which can be evolved from Eevee candy. Not sure how to evolve Jolteon? check out our guide on evolving Eevee here, and how to choose the evolution you want.

Hatch Eggs – You can also catch electric type Pokemon by hatching them from eggs. Once you collect some Pokemon eggs from Pokestops or from leveling up, you can use these tips to hatch them.


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