Can You Still Make Good Money From Internet Marketing?

Internet marketing has a bit of a bad name in some people’s minds, because of all of the scam sites telling you how rich you can get if you just buy their secret formula for $9.95.Most of that stuff is nonsense, or it’s based on information going back to a time years ago when there was thousands of times less competition. The truth is this, you are battling with the world for a piece of the global pie, and it’s never been harder, but at the same time, it’s also never been easier to make at least a small amount of money.Almost everyone in the world who has a credit card also has an internet connection and apart from those who search in another language almost everyone is using Google, Facebook and You Tube. There are millions of people making websites and blog posts and You Tube videos and all sorts of things competing for the organic search on Google.There are also millions, or at least hundreds of thousands of business owners using Google Adwords to find their customers. The competition on Google is pretty hard, but if you get how it works, you can still rank your site or make a profit through ads, but you have to do everything right.

It’s the same with the social media sites, you have to know what you’re doing and why or you could just be pouring money down the drain.When I first started out in internet marketing, I had no money, so I had no money to lose, which I’m fairly glad about. I started off making a dollar a day my first year, just writing articles like this, and I commented on other writer’s articles, read what they had to say, and I learned.I searched for the meanings of words on Google, I found the Warrior Forum , and after a couple of years I knew enough to put together my own site.I’m really glad I learned about SEO first, because there was a lot to learn, and I wouldn’t have found it easy at all and might have made some serious mistakes that permanently damaged the ranking of my site.I’m now making fifty dollars a day, running my social media marketing services site and other things, managing people’s Facebook page and Twitter following and all that.Based on the trends I see, that’s likely to double by next year, or definitely the year after, and I expect to be making hundreds of dollars a day in the next five years.Generally speaking, that’s how it goes. You have to learn a lot, and there is a steep learning curve, but once you understand what you need to do, and you work hard and do it, you will start to see the money come in faster and faster.

You don’t want to spend too long learning before you start doing, but not all of what those squeeze pages are selling you is a scam, you need to know some of what they’re teaching you, even if they’re only teaching you how to do what they do by showing you.I’m not really into building lists from squeeze pages, I have a list of followers, fans and friends on social media, but I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t be building an email list, or a list of some kind, it’s the best way to capture traffic and get a chance to sell something to them over and over again.There’s too much stuff to go into just about that one thing, building a list, and there’s tons of other things like all the different ways to get website traffic but the point is that if you stick at it, it will eventually start paying off in a big way, but it might not happen as quickly and easily as some people like to make out.

This is the reason that has resorted users into Buying YouTube Views just for the sake of getting some cheap pops and a subscriber base despite website traffic being a prevalent issue due to the increase in number of social media platforms and users across the globe.


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