Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment – Know about the treatment!!

The Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment is probably the hottest trend to hit the parlors and salons today. Women with curly locks can finally kiss their kinky frizz goodbye and say hello to silky smooth hair that they have always been dreaming of. No more hair blowers and flat irons in the wee hours of the morning.

The Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment : What is this treatment?

This is treatment is for women who want to get rid of those unwanted curls and kinks. The solution is made of keratin mixed with formaldehyde, a carcinogen. This is only temporary and lasts for about three to five months depending on the woman’s locks. The moroccan keratin treatment reviews are available at the online site to benefit the individuals. The women will have the best and shiny hairs availability. You can gather deeper knowledge of the treatment to have the best results. There is cutting of the unwanted curls from the hairs.

Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment : How it works

  • The process:

To get that gorgeous straight hair, a solution made with keratin is applied. Once this as been distributed evenly on your hair, it sticks to the outer layer of each strand with a flat iron set a 450 degrees. Not only will this make your hair straight, but it will also seal in moisture which gives it that smooth and shiny finish.

  • The maintenance after:

After you get the Brazilian Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment, there are a couple of things you have to do for to get the full potential of this product. The first three days are definitely the hardest. AS much as possible, you hair should just hand loose. So this means no tying your hair, not playing with it, you can not even tuck it behind your ears. You can not wash it or wet it. Even when you sleep, you have to find a position that will not result in unwanted kinks.

Even after the first three days, you should wash your hair not as frequently as you used to. It is quite simple, the less you wash your hair, the effect. Also, you want to choose which shampoos and conditioners you will be using. You want to avoid any that has sodium chloride and find ones that have UV protection.

One more thing that you want to reduce is swimming, be it in chlorinated pools or even in the sea. This does not mean that you have keep totally dry, especially when summer comes along. It’s just that excessive exposure to these and the sun will make the straightening effect last shorter.