Best Progressive Reloading Press for Beginners – The Ultimate Guide

Beginners who are steadily gaining interest in shooting and gun firing must know about the reloading press. 

If you don’t, here is an entire guide for you – from what the reloading press is to suggestions for the best progressive reloading press for money.    

What is a Progressive Reloading Press?

A progressive reloading press is an equipment that will aid you in making gun cartridges at an extraordinary rate.

Shooting and hunting enthusiasts understand how much ammunition costs. But with progressive reloading press, one can synthesize their own ammunition at their houses which can eventually turn out to save a lot of money.   

The equipment may look a bit complicated to operate at the start, but once you get hold of it, you can make around 300-400 bullets every hour. 

A progressive reloading press can also support the functions of deburring and powder measurement. 

Choosing a Progressive Reloading Press

Beginners may start with single-stage reloading press wherein the focus is more on the quality of ammo and safety rather than the speed of making it. 

Also, the choice should be made based on the type of ammunition you use – whether you require shotgun shells or bullet cases. 

Also, assembling of the reloading press must be a simple process and must be given a top priority. 

Reloading rates, that is, the number of bullets that can be produced every hour is also a crucial factor. 

Best Progressive Reloading Presses for Beginners

  • Hornady Lock N Load Auto-Progressive Reloading Press


  • Allows rapid switching of dies and quick calibre loading
  • EZlect system for reliable ejects 
  • Automated indexing system and case-activated powder drop 
  • Bushing system that has 5-stations which minimizes from 223 to 45 under 5 minutes
  • Easy to handle and use

However, this reloading press comes at a heavy price and also does not include the accessories.

  • Lee Precision Breech Lock Hand Press Kit


  • Affordable alternative
  • Calibre loading and changing is swift
  • Includes 5-stations bushing system
  • Appropriate for almost all standard dies 

Though cheaper than other options, it’s primer system and powder measurement system is inaccurate. 

  • Dillon Precision 650 Progressive Auto Indexing Reloading Machine


  • Promises lifetime warranty 
  • Ability to load more than 120 different types of calibres 
  • Uses a 4-stage reloading process 
  • Ability to produce almost 500 rounds per hour 

Although ranked amongst the best progressive reloading presses, it’s setup becomes a bit convoluted for beginners. 

Make a wise choice for a best progressive reloading press for the money you are paying for considering all the aforementioned suggestions.  


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