Best Position Ideas For Built In Fireplace

A wide variety of interior or exterior fireplace options are available. How effective the built in fireplace is will depend mostly on its placement.

Few fireplace placement ideas to consider

  • Wall center

The obvious choice will be to place it on the living rooms wall center just like in traditional homes.

A wall center located fireplace offers flexibility. The same finish can be continued across the entire wall surface.

  • A divider

Install a double side fireplace, where you can see flames from both rooms/sides

It separates two areas of a large space. For example, a kitchen gets separated from the dining area.

  • Suspended 

A suspended fireplace offers a modern, sophisticated look.

You can hang it in the middle of the room or on the side.

Some models rotate 360°, which allows directing heat to specific areas.

  • Corner

A corner, which is not preferred can house a fireplace.

Corner fireplaces are effective in many rooms including a foyer, an entrance, kitchen or living room.

  • In view

Homeowners have their living room opening towards a great landscape outdoors. Placing a glass fireplace can help to grab attention.

The garden view can be seen through the fireplace.

  • Outdoor room

The space usage can be maximized because installing a fireplace here can create a great ambiance.

An outdoor fireplace that radiates great warmth can turn into a living area, all year round.

You can opt for a gas or wood burn fuel source for the outdoor fireplace.

You can even choose a traditional fireplace with a chimney.

  • In the open

When a fireplace is positioned in the open consider privacy and prevailing winds.

Choose an efficient heat source instead of a visual element.


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