Best Medical Marijuana Growth Tips

Medical marijuana growth patterns may be slightly different across the different varieties of plants. The marijuana plant is commonly grown as an annual plant and the life cycle lasts less than a year. Moreover, the extraction process also determines the quality, so as you look for options to buy cbd oil near me, you should always pay attention to this. 

Among the medical marijuana growth stages, the vegetative and the blooming stages are very important as far as the yield is concerned. In the vegetative stage, the foundation for harvesting healthy blooms is laid. The flowering or blooming stage is the longer one of the two stages and lasts about 8 weeks. The sticky buds are produced during this stage. To obtain the largest medical marijuana growth yields, it is recommended that the growers raise the healthiest plants in the vegetative state.

Listed below are a few steps that the grower can follow to get good harvests during the flowering stage:

Medical Marijuana Growth Stage – Light Cycle

The marijuana plant’s life cycle is determined by the number of hours of light per day. Though natural light is undoubtedly the best form of lighting, the growth cycle can be controlled with artificial lighting (when grown indoors) as well. It is recommended that fluorescent lighting be used in the vegetative stage. However, they should be changed once every 10 months. Metal halide bulbs can be also be used; they last less than fluorescent lamps. Many growers suggest an 18-hour lighting cycle for the growing plants that provide sufficient rest for the plant and also gives them some time to perform some important chemical functions. The daily period of lighting is the single-most-important factor in the medical marijuana growth stage.

Medical Marijuana Growth Stage – Nutrients

It is essential that the marijuana plant be fed with one of the balanced nutrient fertilizer formulas that are available in the market to positively aid vegetative growth. There are fully soluble versions that can be used for plants that are grown hydroponically. Extra care in adjusting the pH and PPM numbers are very important in the vegetative stage.

Medical Marijuana Growth Stage – General Care

It is important that the growing environment of the plants is kept neat and clean. This produces healthy plants during the vegetative stage. Dead leaves should be removed and the plants should be trimmed and topped as frequently as possible to grow the healthiest plants. Stronger plants are more resistant to diseases and produce more blooms during the flowering stage. It is important to cool down the indoor environment if the lights increase the ambient temperature.

Medical Marijuana Growth – Harvesting Tips

It is very important not to harvest the plant too early. The harvester has to patiently wait till the plant stops growing and the pistils are at least 50 to 75 percent brown. The plants can then be chopped down. If the plant is harvested too early, the result is poorly dried marijuana and buds that are not fully cured. It is also important to note that the Indica species of the plant retain their highest potency for about a week within which they can be harvested. Sativa plants have a much longer harvesting period.

It is recommended that marijuana growers refer to medical marijuana growth charts to get more details about the light and distance ratios, feeding programs, etc., that would help to maximize yields.


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