Best Luggage for Your Next Trip

Here is an article for all you travelers out there. This article is about luggage you want to use on your next trip.

A great mobile duffle bag is the Delsey 2228- Helium Fusion Trolley Duffel.

30 are now in stock and are offered for only $146.01 at This is the perfect bag to bring along with you on long weekends. On the bottom of the bag, are recessed velocity inline skate wheels which provide great mobility as well as long lasting service. It is available in sky blue and midnight black. Also it is lightweight because it is made of 1800 nylon. More information about this item can be found on the above website.

How about the American Tourister Tribute IV Upright 25″. It combines capacity and functionality together to give you the perfect suitcase. It is made of 1680 Denier poly and it is even lighter than nylon. Other features are a handle that retracts as well at pockets to organize your belongings. It comes in Chocolate and offered for $115.45 at but currently it is not available but you can be notified on its availability on this site. More information can be found on the above link.

Here is a piece of luggage that will cost you a pretty penny but consider it an investment in quality. It is the Hartmann Large Satchel that is great for carry on luggage. It is $475.00 and is offered at It has Striped Wings fabric with cognac belting trim. It is also embellished with polished brass hardware and a decorative buckle. You can carry it over the shoulder because it possesses leather carrying handles. More information can be found on the above link.

Don’t’ forget the Alpha from Tumi. It is a frequent traveler bag, 22 inches as well as a zippered expandable carryon… It has wheels and fits into most overhead compartments. The carryon has a removable garment sleeve that the has the capacity to hold up to 3 suits. It is made of Tumi’s signature nylon. Also it has pockets inside as well as outside. It is offered for $595 in red, Brown and Back at More information can be found on the above link.

Also offered is the Samsonite Pro-DLX 2 Spinner garment bag on for $222.95 in the colors of black and steel grey. It is made of Armored Nylon/leather and comes with a Lifetime warranty as well as dirt and water resistant. It lends itself to easy packing and no need for special hangers. You can use your own hangers. Also for mobility is have wheels. More information can be found on the above link.

The Samsonite Pro DLX 2 Expandable 29 in. Spinner is also made of nylon is offered for $238.95 on

It comes in steel grey and black. The material it is made of is Ballistic nylon. It comes with a lifetime warranty. More information can be found on the above link.

So buy one of these suitcases for your next trip. You will be glad you did.

There are many reputed brands of luggage that you would want to buy depending on your budget and preference, but make sure that you don’t compromise on quality when it comes to Samson as samsonite kohvrid is quite a fashion trend in the current times and not many have the privilege to own it so grab onto it with both arms and enjoy the benefits amply.


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