Best cordless vacuums of 2019

Cleanliness is next to godliness. So the best way to reach “next to godliness” is to take the help of vacuums. Vacuum cleaners are just the saviors of every household. Also, anything which is wireless is also good. It’s just a universal truth. Therefore, cordless vacuums are just absolute bliss which make cleaning easy for everyone. There are many companies that manufacture cordless vacuum cleaners today but in this article we are going to inform you about the best cordless vacuums available in the market in 2019.

Dyson v8:

Dyson V8 cordless vacuums are so famous nowadays that they have even stopped manufacturing corded vacuums. These cordless wonders are undoubtedly expensive but they are the best in the market. So the price to pay is worth it. The sucking power and run time of this vacuum are great and it’s very light compared to other vacuums which make your cleaning easier.

Bosch unlimited:

This is also one of the very best vacuums of 2019. This model is especially appreciated for its great design and appearance. It has a removable battery and runtime is also very good. The sucking power is great and the turbo option works just beautifully with a slight setback which is that it is rather noisy.

Gtech pro:

Gtech is one of the big players in the cordless vacuum industry today. One of the best things about it is that it is very affordable compared to other vacuum cleaners in this league. Though being cheaper comes with its own setbacks like it has a weaker sucking power. Still, the benefits are that it is lightweight, user-friendly and pretty slick. The battery has an overall good run time and the machine has mostly positive reviews.


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