10 Things I Hate About Facebook

Facebook for some, is a fun way to find old friends, socialize and network. Beware though, because Facebook can quickly become a game of espionage. Finding an ex love or ex rival could prove to be a bad thing when you find yourself logging in to your facebook account to look at their status for the 10th time. Or even worse they use it as their personal platform to brag about their children, boast about their new yacht and post obnoxious pictures. For those of you who have been toying with the idea of joining or are new to Facebook you may want to read a bit about it try, Facebook for Dummies

  1. Tooting Your Own Horn

When someone continually posts boastful anecdotes about their new summer home or the fact that it cost them a million dollars, isn’t enlightening. First of all for those of us who have been buried by the economy, we don’t need a so called facebook friend putting another nail in our coffin. Secondly can you be any more obvious, posting your children’s grades or entire dance recital is definitely stepping over the line, how about practicing a little humility.

  1. Farmville

If one more person asks me to send them some materials for their farm I am going to scream. Farmville is just one of many annoying games facebookers partake in. The worst thing about it is the fact that the ones that are playing, act like they actually have a farm. The constant updates regarding their farm and new animals they have obtained is just plain silly people.

  1. Posting Political Views

Facebook was created to be a nice friendly space to connect and exchange pleasantries. Sadly, it has slowly become a soap box for political rants. This is not good because for one, it could actually break apart the friendships you went on to find. Number two, this is a place where many go to escape every day life, leave the serious topics for another time.

  1. Poking

An unnecessary feature. When someone sends you a poke it just means they are reaching out to say hi. Isn’t that the whole idea of Facebook, isn’t it enough to just send a message. Having to worry about poking back is too complicated. Then if you don’t poke back you run the risk of insulting a friend.

  1. Boring Status Updates

People who update their status every 20 minutes with uninteresting facts showcasing what they are doing. Why would anyone care that you are out of cat food or that you just finished washing the dishes. This is a bad idea, you want to come across like you have things going on. If you are going to be part of a social network you need to sharpen your skills.

  1. Instant Messaging

Late at night you just want to look around at the status updates of the day you don’t really want to be put on the spot by someone instant messaging you. It could be a weird situation because you don’t want to not answer but if you don’t, it could look like you are ignoring the person. It could also be tricky if you do answer because now you are engaged in a chat that might not be easy to end.

  1. An Ex Friend or Old Rival Trying to Friend You

When I get a friend request from someone that was never a friend it is very irritating. Obviously they are just being nosy. Or even more awkward is the friend request from an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. This is when Facebook can get tricky. You want to see into their world out of curiosity. However it just isn’t a good idea to be able to take a peak into an old flames life, it is just weird.

  1. Sending, Drinks, Hearts, or Cookies

My inbox fills up with at least 20 of these a day. Someone sends me a drink or a piece of cake and I get frustrated. For one if you try to accept it you have to go through this entire process that takes forever. Then, you know the person is waiting to get one back and you just don’t have the time or interest.

  1. Email Threads

Some use Facebook to promote themselves or their business. They will send a mass email out to all their friends, you being one of them. This is really agitating because a lot of times many will reply to all and you become part of a never ending email. It is also a good way to drive yourself off of people’s friend lists.

  1. Being Tagged in Photos Without Your Permission

My number one pet peeve about Facebook is being tagged in a photo. First of all when a friend from high school posts a very embarrassing picture of you from 1989 it is not cute. I find it unbelievable how facebookers will post these pictures and not even ask permission. This is a careless act that could really anger someone. Make sure your friend is in agreement with you displaying a photo. We are all there to have fun, so keep it that way.

On top of that, since Facebook owns Instagram already, there are some tools that people use so they can see your profile even if you are on a private mode. One of the common tools they use is https://instaprivateviewer.com


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