10 Common Social Media Mistakes – Treating it Like Advertising

Many people are still confused about the difference between social media and advertising. Let me illuminate:

Social media, digital marketing, social networking, online presence, are all terms that refer to presenting and promoting your business on the various internet platforms, AKA Inbound marketing. Traditional advertising, or outbound marketing, such as sending coupons in the mail, putting an ad in the local paper, or television commercials, are designed for business to send their message out to their target audience and hope for a response back in the form of buying. This is linear, one-directional, and single purpose communication; going from the business to the people they want to reach…end of communication. The person receiving the communication may ignore it or respond by inquiring or purchasing the product or service…end of transaction. Outbound marketing is easy to track because the interaction is so clear.

Inbound marketing is a totally different way of communicating. It is circular and multi-directional, and is increasingly be demanded by the new breed of educated consumers. Here the goal is to engage with your audience and create a platform where the people you want to attract want to connect with you – synergy. I think of it this way: your business website, social media platforms, and online directories are like a party at your house. You want the right people to show up, feel welcome, be impressed with what you are offering, tell their friends about your fantastic party, leave with a great impression, and ultimately want to come back for your next event.

How you create that experience online will depend to some degree on your business and industry. Some folks have it easier than others (restaurants are a natural for inbound marketing), but that doesn’t mean if you are in a less sexy business, inbound marketing isn’t for you. As people continue to flock to online sources to validate their professional associations and inform their buying decisions, a business’s quality online presence is becoming more critical.

If you treat your inbound marketing like it was outbound marketing, you are likely to be disappointed by the results. Here are some common mistake business owners make with their online presence (see if any of this fits you):

Posts on Facebook Twitter , or Linkedin are only about their products and services Writing to an internal audience (posting about developments within their organization) Failing to engage their audience with images and compelling stories Creating no culture or brand around their business to distinguish them for others in their industry Offering little or no information of value to their audience Posting too much at one time or too little, lack of consistency in the messaging Expecting the phone to ring because they posted on Facebook Calculating a traditional ROI (return on investment) with media that doesn’t function like advertising Ignoring their audience’s comments Only posting content, not engaging with others on their sites (never going to any one else’s party – following the above analogy)

If you are a Social Media Maxima client, we help you with all of this – even managing expectations and educating and new ways to measure ROI.

It is seen that keeping and maintaining an active subscriber base in YouTube is a real task. Need more subscribers to your YouTube Channel? A video with just a handful of viewers is less reputed and unpopular, thus, social authority plays a vital role in garnering audiences for this online platform. 


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